gtk_d 1.0.3

A full Gtk binding for D.

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


GTK_D is unofficial fork of [GtkD]( with some features


GTK_D is a DLang wrapper for Gtk+ and some other Gtk libs like Adwaita, Shumate. You can use all libraries together or take one you need thanks DUB submodules

| Library | Submodule name | Description | | :------- | :------------- | :---------- | | Linker | linker | A library for dynamic libs loading | | GLib | glib | GLib is a bundle of three low-level system libraries | | Graphene | graphene | Graphene is a lightweight library OS, designed to run a single application with minimal host requirements | | Cairo | cairo | Cairo is an open source graphics library | | HarfBuzz | harfbuzz | HarfBuzz is a software development library for text shaping | | Pango | pango | Pango is a text layout engine library which works with the HarfBuzz shaping engine for displaying multi-language text | | GIO | gio | GIO is a library, designed to present programmers with a modern and usable interface to a virtual file system | | GdkPixbuf | gdkpixbuf | dkPixbuf is a library that loads image data in various formats and stores it as linear buffers in memory | | Atk | atk | Accessibility Toolkit is an open source software library, part of the GNOME project, which provides application programming interfaces for implementing accessibility support in software | | GDK | gdk | GDK is a library that acts as a wrapper around the low-level functions provided by the underlying windowing and graphics systems | | librsvg | rsvg | librsvg is a free software SVG rendering library | | GSK | gsk | GTK Scene Graph Kit (GSK) is the rendering and scene graph API for GTK | | GTK | gtk | GTK is a free and open-source cross-platform widget toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces | | libadwaita | adw | Building blocks for modern GNOME applications. | | GtkSourceView | sourceview | GtkSourceView is a GNOME library that extends GtkTextView, the standard GTK+ widget for multiline text editing | | libsoup | soup | libsoup is an HTTP client/server library for GNOME | | libshumate | shumate | libshumate is a C library providing a GtkWidget to display maps |

Additional info

To generate code from GIR use this gir-to-d fork :

# Clone and build
git clone
cd gir-to-d
meson builddir
ninja -C builddir

# Generate for dynamic linking
girtod --use-runtime-linker -i source/ -o source/generated

# Generate for static linking
girtod -i source/ -o source/generated

Windows libraries

You can get required dll form MSYS2 project`s repo :)


Documentation may be generated by Scod and ddoc



GTK_D and gtkD use LGPLv3 license

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Sub packages:
gtk_d:linker, gtk_d:glib, gtk_d:graphene, gtk_d:cairo, gtk_d:harfbuzz, gtk_d:pango, gtk_d:gio, gtk_d:gdkpixbuf, gtk_d:atk, gtk_d:gdk, gtk_d:rsvg, gtk_d:gsk, gtk_d:gtk, gtk_d:adw, gtk_d:sourceview, gtk_d:soup, gtk_d:shumate
gtk_d:gtk, gtk_d:soup, gtk_d:sourceview, gtk_d:gio, gtk_d:gsk, gtk_d:adw, gtk_d:linker, gtk_d:cairo, gtk_d:graphene, gtk_d:glib, gtk_d:gdk, gtk_d:shumate, gtk_d:harfbuzz, gtk_d:pango, gtk_d:rsvg, gtk_d:gdkpixbuf, gtk_d:atk
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1.0.2 2022-May-31
1.0.1 2021-Nov-27
1.0.0 2021-Aug-29
~main 2022-May-31
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