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Aux library for writing GTK-interface program

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Gtk UI aux library for using with UI Builder Glade

import gtk.Button;
import gtk.Window;
import gtkui;

void main()
    auto ui = new UI;
    ui.addOnQuit({ ui.exitLoop(); });

class UI : MainBuilderUI
    mixin GtkBuilderHelper;

    @gtkwidget Window mwindow;
    @gtkwidget Button addbtn;

    @gtksignal void someAction()
        /+ do something +/

        addbtn.addOnClicked((b) { /+ do something +/ });

For more information see small (~130 lines with comments) example

Limitations in signal usage
  1. Signals in glade file should not contain User data, otherwise this will crash program.

  2. If you want to use parameters from signal method you must be sure of their count and order, otherwise wrong count or order of parameters will crash program.

  3. Parameter of signal method must be gtk pointers (not wraps from gtkD).

  4. If you want don't use parameters for signal method be sure what this signal receive only two parameters (gtk widget and user data), otherwise you should specify parameters.

  • Oleg Butko (deviator)
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