htmld 0.2.18

Lightweight and forgiving HTML parser

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
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Lightweight and forgiving HTML parser and DOM.

The parser was inspired by htmlparse2 by fb55

HTML Entity parsing and decoding are both optional. The current parser interface is based on callbacks.

Creating the DOM from source:

auto doc = createDocument(`<html><body>&nbsp;</body></html>`);

Creating/mutating DOM manually:

auto doc = createDocument();
doc.root.html = `<body>&nbsp;</body>`;

auto container = doc.createElement("div", doc.root.firstChild);
container.attr("class", "container");
container.html = "<p>moo!</p>";

auto app = appender!string;

QuerySelector interface:

if (auto p = doc.querySelector("p:nth-of-type(2)"))
    p.text = "mooo";

foreach(p; doc.querySelectorAll("p")) {
    p.text = "mooo";

Example parser usage:

auto builder = DOMBuilder();
parseHTML(`<html><body>&nbsp;</body></html>`, builder);

Example handler:

struct DOMBuilder {
    void onText(const(char)[] data) {}
    void onSelfClosing() {}
    void onOpenStart(const(char)[] data) {}
    void onOpenEnd(const(char)[] data) {}
    void onClose(const(char)[] data) {}
    void onAttrName(const(char)[] data) {}
    void onAttrEnd() {}
    void onAttrValue(const(char)[] data) {}
    void onComment(const(char)[] data) {}
    void onDeclaration(const(char)[] data) {}
    void onProcessingInstruction(const(char)[] data) {}
    void onCDATA(const(char)[] data) {}

    // the following are required if ParseEntities is set
    void onNamedEntity(const(char)[] data) {}
    void onNumericEntity(const(char)[] data) {}
    void onHexEntity(const(char)[] data) {}
    // required only if DecodeEntities is set
    void onEntity(const(char)[] data, const(char)[] decoded) {}
    void onDocumentEnd() {}


  • implement range-based interface for parser
  • Márcio Martins
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