ip2location-d 8.7.0

IP2Location D Library

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

IP2Location D Library

This D library provides a fast lookup of country, region, city, latitude, longitude, ZIP code, time zone, ISP, domain name, connection type, IDD code, area code, weather station code, station name, mcc, mnc, mobile brand, elevation, usage type, address type and IAB category from IP address by using IP2Location database. This library uses a file based database available at IP2Location.com. This database simply contains IP blocks as keys, and other information such as country, region, city, latitude, longitude, ZIP code, time zone, ISP, domain name, connection type, IDD code, area code, weather station code, station name, mcc, mnc, mobile brand, elevation, usage type, address type, IAB category, district, autonomous system number (ASN) and autonomous system (AS) as values. It supports both IP address in IPv4 and IPv6.

This library can be used in many types of projects such as:

  • select the geographically closest mirror
  • analyze your web server logs to determine the countries of your visitors
  • credit card fraud detection
  • software export controls
  • display native language and currency
  • prevent password sharing and abuse of service
  • geotargeting in advertisement

The database will be updated on a monthly basis for greater accuracy. Free LITE databases are available at https://lite.ip2location.com/ upon registration.

The paid databases are available at https://www.ip2location.com under Premium subscription package.

As an alternative, this library can also call the IP2Location Web Service. This requires an API key. If you don't have an existing API key, you can subscribe for one at the below:



To install this library using dub:

"dependencies": {
    "ip2location-d": "~master"



This library requires IP2Location BIN data file to function. You may download the BIN data file at

  • IP2Location LITE BIN Data (Free): https://lite.ip2location.com
  • IP2Location Commercial BIN Data (Comprehensive): https://www.ip2location.com

IPv4 BIN vs IPv6 BIN

Use the IPv4 BIN file if you just need to query IPv4 addresses.

Use the IPv6 BIN file if you need to query BOTH IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.


Below are the methods supported in this library.

Method NameDescription
get_allReturns the geolocation information in an object.
getcountryshortReturns the country code.
getcountrylongReturns the country name.
get_regionReturns the region name.
get_cityReturns the city name.
get_ispReturns the ISP name.
get_latitudeReturns the latitude.
get_longitudeReturns the longitude.
get_domainReturns the domain name.
get_zipcodeReturns the ZIP code.
get_timezoneReturns the time zone.
get_netspeedReturns the net speed.
get_iddcodeReturns the IDD code.
get_areacodeReturns the area code.
get_weatherstationcodeReturns the weather station code.
get_weatherstationnameReturns the weather station name.
get_mccReturns the mobile country code.
get_mncReturns the mobile network code.
get_mobilebrandReturns the mobile brand.
get_elevationReturns the elevation in meters.
get_usagetypeReturns the usage type.
get_addresstypeReturns the address type.
get_categoryReturns the IAB category.
get_districtReturns the district name.
get_asnReturns the Autonomous System Number.
get_asReturns the Autonomous System.
closeCloses BIN file and resets metadata.


import std.stdio;
import ip2location : ip2location;

int main() {
	ip2location ip2loc = new ip2location(db);
	auto results = ip2loc.get_all("");
	writeln("country_short: ", results.country_short);
	writeln("country_long: ", results.country_long);
	writeln("region: ", results.region);
	writeln("city: ", results.city);
	writeln("isp: ", results.isp);
	writefln("latitude: %f", results.latitude);
	writefln("longitude: %f", results.longitude);
	writeln("domain: ", results.domain);
	writeln("zipcode: ", results.zipcode);
	writeln("timezone: ", results.timezone);
	writeln("netspeed: ", results.netspeed);
	writeln("iddcode: ", results.iddcode);
	writeln("areacode: ", results.areacode);
	writeln("weatherstationcode: ", results.weatherstationcode);
	writeln("weatherstationname: ", results.weatherstationname);
	writeln("mcc: ", results.mcc);
	writeln("mnc: ", results.mnc);
	writeln("mobilebrand: ", results.mobilebrand);
	writefln("elevation: %f", results.elevation);
	writeln("usagetype: ", results.usagetype);
	writeln("addresstype: ", results.addresstype);
	writeln("category: ", results.category);
	writeln("district: ", results.district);
	writeln("asn: ", results.asn);
	writeln("as: ", results.as);
	writeln("API Version: ", ip2loc.api_version());
	return 0;



Below are the methods supported in this library.

Method NameDescription
open3 input parameters:<ol><li>IP2Location API Key.</li><li>Package (WS1 - WS25)</li></li><li>Use HTTPS or HTTP</li></ol>
lookupQuery IP address. This method returns an object containing the geolocation info. <ul><li>countrycode
  • countryname</li><li>regionname
  • cityname</li><li>latitude</li><li>longitude</li><li>zipcode
  • timezone</li><li>isp</li><li>domain</li><li>netspeed
  • iddcode</li><li>areacode
  • weatherstationcode
  • weatherstationname
  • mcc
  • mnc
  • mobilebrand</li><li>elevation</li><li>usagetype
  • addresstype</li><li>category</li><li>continent<ul><li>name</li><li>code</li><li>hemisphere</li><li>translations</li></ul></li><li>country<ul><li>name</li><li>alpha3code
  • numericcode</li><li>demonym</li><li>flag</li><li>capital</li><li>totalarea
  • population
  • currency
    • code
    • name
    • symbol
  • language
    • code
    • name
  • iddcode</li><li>tld</li><li>iseu
  • translations
  • region
    • name
    • code
    • translations
  • city
    • name
    • translations
  • geotargeting
    • metro
  • countrygroupings</li><li>timezoneinfo<ul><li>olson</li><li>currenttime
  • gmtoffset</li><li>is_dst</li><li>sunrise</li><li>sunset</li></ul></li><ul>
  • get_creditThis method returns the web service credit balance in an object.


    import std.stdio;
    import ip2locationwebservice : ip2locationwebservice;
    import std.json;
    int main() {
    	auto ip = "";
    	auto apikey = "YOUR_API_KEY";
    	auto apipackage = "WS25";
    	auto usessl = true;
    	// addon and lang to get more data and translation (leave both blank if you don't need them)
    	auto addon = "continent,country,region,city,geotargeting,country_groupings,time_zone_info";
    	auto lang = "es";
    	auto ws = new ip2locationwebservice();
    	ws.open(apikey, apipackage, usessl);
    	auto result = ws.lookup(ip, addon, lang);
    	if (("response" in result) && (result["response"].str == "OK")) {
    		// standard results
    		writefln("country_code: %s", ("country_code" in result) ? result["country_code"].str : "");
    		writefln("country_name: %s", ("country_name" in result) ? result["country_name"].str : "");
    		writefln("region_name: %s", ("region_name" in result) ? result["region_name"].str : "");
    		writefln("city_name: %s", ("city_name" in result) ? result["city_name"].str : "");
    		writefln("latitude: %f", ("latitude" in result) ? result["latitude"].floating : 0.0);
    		writefln("longitude: %f", ("longitude" in result) ? result["longitude"].floating : 0.0);
    		writefln("zip_code: %s", ("zip_code" in result) ? result["zip_code"].str : "");
    		writefln("time_zone: %s", ("time_zone" in result) ? result["time_zone"].str : "");
    		writefln("isp: %s", ("isp" in result) ? result["isp"].str : "");
    		writefln("domain: %s", ("domain" in result) ? result["domain"].str : "");
    		writefln("net_speed: %s", ("net_speed" in result) ? result["net_speed"].str : "");
    		writefln("idd_code: %s", ("idd_code" in result) ? result["idd_code"].str : "");
    		writefln("area_code: %s", ("area_code" in result) ? result["area_code"].str : "");
    		writefln("weather_station_code: %s", ("weather_station_code" in result) ? result["weather_station_code"].str : "");
    		writefln("weather_station_name: %s", ("weather_station_name" in result) ? result["weather_station_name"].str : "");
    		writefln("mcc: %s", ("mcc" in result) ? result["mcc"].str : "");
    		writefln("mnc: %s", ("mnc" in result) ? result["mnc"].str : "");
    		writefln("mobile_brand: %s", ("mobile_brand" in result) ? result["mobile_brand"].str : "");
    		writefln("elevation: %d", ("elevation" in result) ? result["elevation"].integer : 0);
    		writefln("usage_type: %s", ("usage_type" in result) ? result["usage_type"].str : "");
    		writefln("address_type: %s", ("address_type" in result) ? result["address_type"].str : "");
    		writefln("category: %s", ("category" in result) ? result["category"].str : "");
    		writefln("category_name: %s", ("category_name" in result) ? result["category_name"].str : "");
    		writefln("credits_consumed: %d", ("credits_consumed" in result) ? result["credits_consumed"].integer : 0);
    		// continent addon
    		if ("continent" in result) {
    			auto continent = result["continent"];
    			writefln("continent => name: %s", continent["name"].str);
    			writefln("continent => code: %s", continent["code"].str);
    			writefln("continent => hemisphere: %s", continent["hemisphere"]);
    			writefln("continent => translations: %s", continent["translations"][lang].str);
    		// country addon
    		if ("country" in result) {
    			auto country = result["country"];
    			writefln("country => name: %s", country["name"].str);
    			writefln("country => alpha3_code: %s", country["alpha3_code"].str);
    			writefln("country => numeric_code: %s", country["numeric_code"].str);
    			writefln("country => demonym: %s", country["demonym"].str);
    			writefln("country => flag: %s", country["flag"].str);
    			writefln("country => capital: %s", country["capital"].str);
    			writefln("country => total_area: %s", country["total_area"].str);
    			writefln("country => population: %s", country["population"].str);
    			writefln("country => idd_code: %s", country["idd_code"].str);
    			writefln("country => tld: %s", country["tld"].str);
    			writefln("country => is_eu: %s", country["is_eu"].boolean);
    			writefln("country => translations: %s", country["translations"][lang].str);
    			writefln("country => currency => code: %s", country["currency"]["code"].str);
    			writefln("country => currency => name: %s", country["currency"]["name"].str);
    			writefln("country => currency => symbol: %s", country["currency"]["symbol"].str);
    			writefln("country => language => code: %s", country["language"]["code"].str);
    			writefln("country => language => name: %s", country["language"]["name"].str);
    		// region addon
    		if ("region" in result) {
    			auto region = result["region"];
    			writefln("region => name: %s", region["name"].str);
    			writefln("region => code: %s", region["code"].str);
    			writefln("region => translations: %s", region["translations"][lang].str);
    		// city addon
    		if ("city" in result) {
    			auto city = result["city"];
    			writefln("city => name: %s", city["name"].str);
    			// may not have translations for city names
    			writefln("city => translations: %s", (city["translations"].type == JSONType.object) ? city["translations"][lang].str : "");
    		// geotargeting addon
    		if ("geotargeting" in result) {
    			writefln("geotargeting => metro: %s", result["geotargeting"]["metro"].str);
    		// country_groupings addon
    		if ("country_groupings" in result) {
    			auto groupings = result["country_groupings"];
    			for (int x = 0; x < groupings.array.length; x++) {
    				writefln("country_groupings => #%s => acronym: %s", x, groupings[x]["acronym"].str);
    				writefln("country_groupings => #%s => name: %s", x, groupings[x]["name"].str);
    		// time_zone_info addon
    		if ("time_zone_info" in result) {
    			auto timezone = result["time_zone_info"];
    			writefln("time_zone_info => olson: %s", timezone["olson"].str);
    			writefln("time_zone_info => current_time: %s", timezone["current_time"].str);
    			writefln("time_zone_info => gmt_offset: %d", timezone["gmt_offset"].integer);
    			writefln("time_zone_info => is_dst: %s", timezone["is_dst"].str);
    			writefln("time_zone_info => sunrise: %s", timezone["sunrise"].str);
    			writefln("time_zone_info => sunset: %s", timezone["sunset"].str);
    	else if ("response" in result) {
    		writefln("Error: %s", result["response"]);
    	else {
    		writeln("Error: Unknown error.");
    	auto result2 = ws.get_credit();
    	if ("response" in result2) {
    		writefln("Credit balance: %d", result2["response"].integer);
    	else {
    		writeln("Error: Unknown error.");
    	return 0;
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