je 0.0.1

Json Extract: a tool to extract data from json

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

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Fast JSON to TSV/CSV/JSON/User-defined-format Extractor.

Build je

  1. dub package manager.
  2. D compiler. Options:
  • LDC (LLVM D Compiler) >= 1.1.0-beta2
  • DMD (DigitalMars D Compiler) >= 2.072.1
Build with the dub package manager

To build project with LDC run following command from je project:

dub build --build=release-sse42 --compiler=ldmd2


dub build --build=release-native --compiler=ldmd2

To build project with DMD run

dub build --build=release

For more details run je --help.


After building, you can try je like this:

./je test.json --columns name:name,asdf:dependencies.asdf --input test.json
User defined output format
$ cat in.jsonl 
{"a":{"b":"\n"}, "d":2}
{"a":{"b":0}, "d":1}

# query with non-positional style 
$ ./je -c a.b,d -i in.jsonl --out=$'{"a":%s,"t":%s}\n'

# query with positional style
./je -c a.b,d -i in.jsonl --out=$'{"a":%2$s,"t":%1$s}\n'

##### [Probabilistic Linear Counting](

$ cat in.jsonl {"a":{"b":0}, "d":1} {"a":{"b":0}, "d":2} {"a":{"b":"\n"}, "d":1} {"a":{"b":"\n"}, "d":2}

$je -i in.jsonl --count=a.b --count=d --count="a.b&d"

{"counter":1,"count":2} {"counter":2,"count":2} {"counter":3,"count":4}

$ cat in.jsonl {"a":{"b":10.0}, "d":null} {"a":{"b":10.0}} {"a":{"b":10.00}, "d":null} {"a":{"b":10.00}}

$je -i in.jsonl --counta.b --count=d --count="a.b&d" {"counter1":2,"counter2":1,"counter3":2}

// with named counters $je -i in.jsonl --count=a.b:a.b --count=d --count="expr:a.b&d" {"a.b":2,"counter2":1,"expr":2}

###### Unix Time-stamp partition

$ cat in.jsonl {"a":{"ts":1485831253}, "param":0} {"a":{"ts":1485831254}, "param":1} {"a":{"ts":1485831255}, "param":1} {"a":{"ts":1485831400}, "param":0} {"a":{"ts":1485831401}, "param":1}

$ ./je -i in.jsonl --count=param --count-algo=timestamp --count-algo-params=a.ts,60 {"ts":1485831360,"counter1":2} {"ts":1485831240,"counter1":2}

// with named counters $ ./je -i in.jsonl --count=param:param --count-algo=timestamp --count-algo-params=a.ts,60 {"ts":1485831360,"param":2} {"ts":1485831240,"param":2}

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