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Even more option types for D.

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

= Options for D!


Comes in 2 flavors!

Definitely done before!

Truly astonishing!

== Q&A

=== What is this?

A small minded implementation of option types in D.

=== Why not just use <other option lib>?

You should definitely use <other option lib>.

=== Will it finally allow me to download a car?

It absolutely will, yes.

== Use the things

=== option(T) struct form for when you want structs

[source, d]

auto foo = none!int; auto bar = some(3); auto fizz = maybe!(int)(null); auto buzz = some!(int)(null); // ERROR

=== Option(T) class form for when you want classes

[source, d]

auto foo = Options.none!int(); auto bar = Options.some(3); auto fizz = Options.maybe!(int)(null); auto buzz = Options.some!(int)(null); // ERROR

=== == and != Overload for when you want to use == or !=

[source, d]

auto noneA = none!int; auto noneB = none!int; auto some2a = some!int(2); auto some2b = some!int(2); auto some3 = some!int(3);

assert(noneA == noneB); assert(noneA != some3); assert(some2a == some2b); assert(some2a != some3);

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