libhttp2 0.2.4

An HTTP/2 implementation for D.

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

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libhttp2 is an HTTP/2 library written completely in D, translated from nghttp2. It aims at having an object-oriented API suitable for native D development. It also takes advantage of safer primitives and more runtime checks to avoid flaws. Although D is a garbage collected language, this library runs exclusively on manual memory allocations via memutils.

It can be used in a client/server through my vibe.d fork in the http2-botan branch.


The library itself is tested in depth using the same unit tests as nghttp2.

Getting Started

The documentation is currently entirely contained within the source code. This library is very low-level and thus must be understood in depth (along with the HTTP/2 specs) before integrating it to a project. ie. Read the sources


(C) 2012-2015 Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa (C) 2014-2015 Etienne Cimon

Distributed under the terms of the MIT license with an additional section 1.2 of the curl/libcurl project. Consult the provided file for details

  • Etienne Cimon
  • Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa
1.0.1 2023-Feb-25
1.0.0 2020-Jan-26
0.2.9 2017-Oct-18
0.2.8 2016-Apr-07
0.2.7 2016-Jan-12
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