luneta 0.5.0

Luneta is an interactive filter that can be easily composed within any script.

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

luneta Build Status luneta

Luneta is an interactive filter that can be easily composed within any script.

It's a fast and lightweight terminal tool that brings swiftness to your daily hacks. :shell:



  • Fast.
  • Small binary. (~ 1mb)
  • Adaptable screen size.
  • Supports terminals that are not capable of redefining colors. --color=FALSE

Run luneta -h for help.

usage: luneta [options]
-v --version version
-q   --query default query to be used upon startup
-f  --filter do not start interactive finder, e.g -f="pattern"
    --height set the maximum window height (number of lines), e.g --height 25
     --color color support, e.g --color=FALSE
-h    --help This help information.

Usage examples

Pick a command in your shell history:

cat ~/.bash_history | luneta

Checkout a git branch:

git branch | luneta | xargs git checkout

Kill an active process:

ps -e -o comm | luneta | xargs pkill

Check out /examples for more.

Keyboard shorcuts

  • CTRL + n: next selection
  • CTRL + p: previous selection
  • CTRL + a: beggining of the line
  • CTRL + e: end of the line
  • CTRL + u: erase all the character before and after the cursor
  • CTRL + d: exit


It should work on any ANSI/POSIX-conforming unix.

Precompiled binaries for linux - Make shure that you have libncurses installed.


Linux distributions that support snaps.

snap install luneta

Manual Installation


git clone
cd luneta
dub build -b release --compiler ldc2



  • Felipe Beline Baravieira
ncurses, fuzzyd
0.7.4 2020-May-26
0.7.3 2020-May-05
0.7.2 2020-May-04
0.7.1 2020-May-03
0.7.0 2020-May-03
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