mage ~make

Makefile and IDE Project file generator.

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


Makefile and IDE Project file generator.

Building with make

You need to have a make program that is compliant with GNU make as well as the dmd compiler in your path. Any of the submodules are not initialized yet, the Makefile will take care of it. Simply cd into the mage repo and type make.

Interesting targets:

  • lib -- Creates the main library libmage.lib.
  • app -- Create the command line client used to generate build systems.
  • tests -- Create testing executables in output/.
  • dist -- Assemble all files needed to install mage on any system, ready to be archived by 7z, tar, or whatever. By default, all files are put to output/dist/. Use make dist -e MAGEDIST_DESTDIR="C:/some/path/mage" to control where these files are being put.

You can use make -e DFLAGS="-whatever" to override the default flags passed to dmd for mage and all its dependencies.

Building with dub

To build libmage.lib: dub build mage:lib To build mage.exe: dub build mage:app To "install" all necessary mage files: dub build mage:app && dup run mage:install -- -s . -d C:/some/path/mage

  • manuzor
Sub packages:
mage:lib, mage:app, mage:install
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