midi-gamepad 0.2.0-alpha

🎹🎮 Play your favorite games with your MIDI keyboard!

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

🎹🎮 MIDI GamePad Dub version BSL-1.0

This little tool allows you to play your favorite games with your MIDI keyboard.


This program does not emulate a GamePad, it simulates a keyboard. Nevertheless, you can use it as input for a GamePad emulator.


The easiest way to launch MIDI GamePad is to pass the {deviceID} and the {mpPath} parameters:
midi-gamepad 0 examples\abc.json

To start in TUI mode, just pass no parameters (or --tui).
--version prints the version info.
--help displays a help text.


You can either build this app yourself (see both variants below) or just download a precompiled binary from the releases page.

Using DUB

  1. git clone https://github.com/voidblaster/midi-gamepad
  2. cd midi-gamepad
  3. dub build
  4. You can now find the executable in the bin/ directory.

Using DUB (without Git)

  1. dub fetch midi-gamepad
  2. dub build midi-gamepad
  3. You can now run the executable via dub run.
  4. Pass any parameters after a double dash (--):
    dub run midi-gamepad -- <args>

Platform Support

Only Windows is supported, at the moment. If you want to add support for another OS, feel free to contribute! 😃


For processing MIDI data this program relies on Dplug:client by AuburnSounds which has been licensed under the terms of the Cockos WDL License.

  • Elias Batek (0xEAB)
0.2.0-alpha 2018-Sep-21
0.1.1-alpha 2018-Jan-05
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