mimeapps 0.4.0

MIME Applications Associations specification implementation

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


D library for finding associations between MIME types and applications, e.g. for deciding which application should be used to open a file.

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Modern desktop environments on GNU/Linux and BSD flavors implement MIME Applications Associations to control file associations. The goal of mimeapps library is to provide implementation of this specification in D programming language. Please feel free to propose enchancements or report any related bugs to Issues page.

Note: detection of file MIME type is out of the scope of mimeapps. You may consider using mime library for this purpose.



  • Reading mimeapps.list and mimeinfo.cache files.
  • Detecting default application for MIME type.
  • Getting associated applications for MIME type with respect to explicitly removed ones.
  • Adding, removing association or setting default application for MIME type.
  • Support for desktop-specific mimeapps.list files.


Mimeapps list

List default application and other associated applications for MIME type(s):

dub examples/list.d text/plain image/png text/html

Also can be used for uri schemes:

dub examples/list.d x-scheme-handler/http

Mimeapps test

Parse all mimeapps.list and mimeinfo.cache found on the system. Reports errors to stderr. Use this example to check if the mimeapps library can parse all related files on your system.

dub examples/test.d

Mimeapps open

Detect MIME type of file and open it with default application for found type.

dub examples/open.d LICENSE_1_0.txt

Add option --ask to list all associated applications before opening the file.

dub examples/open.d --ask LICENSE_1_0.txt

Pass http url to open in web browser:

dub examples/open.d --ask https://github.com/FreeSlave/mimeapps

Mimeapps update

Update mimeapps.list file. If you want to update file associations on your system using this example use --force flag, but I would recommend to make a copy first.

cp $HOME/.config/mimeapps.list /tmp/mimeapps.list
dub examples/update.d --file=/tmp/mimeapps.list --remove=text/plain:kde4-kwrite.desktop --add=image/jpeg:gthumb.desktop --default=application/pdf:kde4-okular.desktop
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