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Configuration toolkit supporting JSON, INI and Java Properties

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
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Mirage Config

Version 1.0.0 Copyright 2022-2023 Mike Bierlee Licensed under the terms of the MIT license - See LICENSE.txt

DUB Package CI

Toolkit for loading and using application configuration from various formats for the D programming language.


  • Load from various file formats such as JSON, INI and Java properties (see Formats);
  • Environment variable substitution;
  • Internal configuration substitution (Value in config replaced by other path in config);
  • Parse configuration from string, JSONValue or from disk.

Requires at least a D 2.097.2 compatible compiler Uses the Phobos standard library

Getting started

DUB Dependency

See the DUB project page for instructions on how to include Mirage Config into your project.


import std.stdio : writeln;
import mirage : loadConfig, parseJavaProperties;

void main() {
    // Load configuration from file (see examples/quickstart/config.json)
    auto config = loadConfig("config.json");

    // Or parse directly from string
    auto ini = parseIniConfig("
        databaseDriver = Postgres

        host = localhost
        port = 5432

    auto databaseConfig = ini.getConfig("database");


More formats are available (see Formats.) For more details and examples, see the examples directory.


The following file formats are currently supported:

| Format | Extension | Import<sup>*</sup> | Loader | Parser | Factory | | ----------- | ----------- | ------------------- | --------------------------- | ---------------------------------- | ----------------------- | | any below | any below | mirage | loadConfig<sup>**</sup> | (N/A) | | | INI | .ini | mirage.ini | loadIniConfig | parseIniConfig | IniConfigFactory | | Java | .properties | mirage.java | loadJavaProperties | parseJavaProperties | JavaPropertiesFactory | | JSON | .json | mirage.json | loadJsonConfig | parseJsonConfig<sup>***</sup> | JsonConfigFactory |

<sup>*</sup> Any loader or parser can be imported from the `mirage` package since they are all publicly imported. <sup>**</sup> Loads files based on their extension. If the file does not use one of the extensions in the table, you must use a specific loader. <sup>***</sup> Besides parsing strings like the other formats, it also accepts a `JSONValue`.


You can generate documentation from the source code using DUB:

dub build --build=ddox

The documentation can then be found in docs/


For a full overview of changes, see CHANGES.md

Poodinis Value Injector

Are you using the Poodinis Dependency Injection framework? A value injector is available at this repository. See the README on how to use it.


Any and all pull requests are welcome! If you (only) want discuss changes before making them, feel free to open an Issue on github. Please develop your changes on (a branch based on) the develop branch. Continuous integration is preferred so feature branches are not neccessary.

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