mysql-lited 0.1.4

Lightweight native MySQL protocol implementation

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Manual usage
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A lightweight native mysql driver written in D

The goal is a native driver that re-uses the same buffers and the stack as much as possible, avoiding unnecessary work for the garbage collector


  • supports all MySQL types with conversion from/to D types
  • results are retrieved through a flexible callback interface
  • socket type is a template parameter - currently only a vibesocket is implemented - more to come
  • only the binary protocol is supported



// re-usable prepared statements
auto upd = conn.prepare("update manytypes set int_ = ?, timestamp_ = ?, blob_ = ?");
foreach(int_; 0..100) {
    conn.execute(upd, int_, Clock.currTime, sha1Of(int_));

// one-shot query
conn.execute("select * from manytypes where id > ?", 13, (size_t index /*optional*/, MySQLHeader header /*optional*/, MySQLRow row) {
    writeln(header[0].name, ": ", row.int_.get!int);
    if (index == 5)
        return false; // optionally return false to discard remaining results

// structured row
struct Point {
    int x, y, z;

conn.execute("select x, y, z from points where x > y and y > z", (MySQLRow row) {
    auto p = row.structured!Point; // default is strict mode, where a missing or null field in the row will throw
    // auto p = row.structured!(Point,; // missing or null will just be ignored


  • add proper unit tests
  • implement COMSTMTSENDLONGDATA, and a single parameter binding interface
  • make vibe-d dependency optional
  • Márcio Martins
0.4.9 2019-Aug-01
0.4.8 2019-Apr-10
0.4.7 2019-Feb-01
0.4.6 2018-Nov-07
0.4.5 2018-Sep-07
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