mywormnet2 1.0.0

A Worms Armageddon WormNET server

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

This is MyWormNET2, a WormNET server written in the D Programming Language.

Setup instructions

Download the source code

You can either:

a) clone the git repository (recommended, if you have or can install git):

git clone --recursive
cd MyWormNET2

b) or, you could download and unpack the source code using zip files:

  1. Download MyWormNET2 and the ae library.
  2. Unpack and rename the MyWormNET2-9a790b1081b30c765eccc5d83acf1af5b6fc51d4 directory to MyWormNET2.
  3. Unpack and move the contents of the ae-9a790b1081b30c765eccc5d83acf1af5b6fc51d4 directory to the empty MyWormNET2\ae directory.

Command-line instructions:

mv MyWormNET2-b26ee1eef06722c84b562da943b25f55d17c1247 MyWormNET2
cd MyWormNET2
rmdir ae
mv ae-9a790b1081b30c765eccc5d83acf1af5b6fc51d4 ae

Install D

You'll need a D compiler to compile MyWormNET2.

For Windows, OS X, and Debian/RPM-based Linux distributions, you can use one of the installers/packages from the D website.

If you need to run MyWormNET2 on a Linux system and don't have root access, you can use DVM to install DMD to your home directory. After installing DVM (see instructions on DVM's project page), use the dvm install 2.068.2 command to install a D compiler, then dvm use 2.068.2 -d to activate it. See the D website to get the version number for the latest D compiler.

Configure MyWormNET2

Copy the file mywormnet2-sample.ini to mywormnet2.ini, and edit it accordingly. See the comments for explanations of what the various options do.

Compile and run MyWormNET2

To build and run MyWormNET2, use rdmd:

rdmd mywormnet2

If you'd like to just build an executable, use --build-only:

rdmd --build-only mywormnet2
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