nanogui 0.0.8

Port of nanogui to dlang.

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

What is it? Build Status

D port of nanogui

The port is incomplete - not all widgets are ported, but all ported widgets are fully usable.

There is difference with origin. For example:

  • instead of const references passing by value is used
  • as a color and vector implementation gfm.math is used (in origin eigen used as a vector implementation and own implementation of color type)
  • no locking on glfw, instead two backends are available - arsd.simpledisplay (no external dependencies) and SDL2 (depends on SDL2 library obviously), SDL backend is more developed than arsd one (due to lack of time). Other backend like glfw, sfml etc can be easily added, nanogui is agnostic to underlying layer.

Cloning source

The project at the moment uses arsd as a submodule. For cloning please use either

git clone --recursive


git clone
cd nanogui
git submodule update --init


Directory examples contains two packages, providing examples for arsd and sdl backends. To run example cd to corresponding directory and run dub command. For example:

cd examples/sdl



  • drug007
gfm:sdl2, gfm:opengl, arsd-official:nanovega, gfm:math
1.4.0 2022-Oct-02
1.3.0 2022-Sep-22
1.2.0 2022-May-19
1.1.1 2022-Jan-09
1.1.0 2021-Apr-26
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