nes_test 0.1.1

This is an example application for

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


This is an example application for



For a pre-built package

For Windows there are stand-alone binary builds available at the GitHub release page. Note: they were compiled with DMD so they're not very optimized.

Building from source

Download this repo, cd to the folder that contains the source folder & run:

  dub build --build=release

Or for a 64-bit version:

  dub build --arch=x86_64 --build=release

If you're on Windows I'd also add --arch=x86_mscoff for the 32-bit version. The linker produces a very slow executable otherwise.

The app expects the SDL2 runtime binaries (minimum version 2.0.5) to be available. You can find them here:


  nes_test <rom>
  Use nes_test -h for more options.

The app will create a save & state folder in its current directory on first run if they don't already exist. Battery backed RAM is saved only on program exit.


Joysticks are supported, although the button mapping is currently hard-coded. Keyboard controls are indicated below.

Up, Down, Left, RightArrow Keys or WSAD
SelectRight Shift or Space
AZ or N
BX or M
Fullscreen/Windowed ToggleF11
Exit FullscreenEscape
ResetCtrl + R
Save StateF5
Load StateF1
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