niknaks 0.7.0-beta

Helpful niknaks or "things" that you may grasp for now and then

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


DUB DUB DUB D Coverage Status

Helpful niknaks or "things" that you may grasp for now and then


To add the package to your project use the following:

dub add niknaks

Now read the DOCS!


Below is a short description of what each module provides, the list is expected to grow over time.

  • niknaks.functional
    • Predicates
    • Optionals
  • niknaks.arrays
    • Unique element generation
    • Prescence checking
  • niknaks.bits
    • Integral to byte conversions
    • Byte ordering functions
  • niknaks.debugging
    • Automagic dumping of arrays to textual representation
      • Supports arrays-of-arrays-of...
    • Some textual manipulation routines as well


LGPL 3.0


If there is something let me know or open a pull request for it. Try to keep the implementation generic as in by using parameterized types via D's templating capabilities.

Only make use of exceptions where it is absolutely necessary, normally go for an exception-less implementation and have an exception-based one which re-uses the former.

For more information please see CONTRIBUTING.

  • Tristan B. Velloza Kildaire
0.7.0-beta 2023-Nov-27
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