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Utilities to write @nogc code

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Utilities to write @nogc code, including converting values to strings (text) and a variant of std.exception.enforce that is @nogc but limits the type of the exception thrown to be NoGcException. Examples:

// text is @system because it returns a slice to a static array
// if you need to store the string you'll need to make a copy
// since consecutive calls will return the same slice and it will
// be mutated
@nogc @system unittest {
    import nogc.conv: text;
    // works with basic types and user defined structs/classes
    assert(text(1, " ", "foo", " ", 2.0) == "1 foo 2.000000");

// enforce is @safe, since it internally makes a call to `text` but
// immediately throws an exception, and casting it to `string` makes
// it immutable. Ugly but it works.
@nogc @safe unittest {
    import nogc.exception: enforce;
    import nogc.conv: text;
    const expected = 1;
    const actual = 1;
    enforce(actual == expected, "Expected: ", expected, " but got: ", actual);
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