openssl-ca 1.0.0

OpenSSL wrappers for x509 certificates written in D

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:



This project contain wrapper-classes for most of the x509 parts in the OpenSSL API. The wrappers makes error-handling and memory-managment easier compared to use the plain C-style D API.

Note: This project is dependent on dub package openssl which is not fully uplifted to openssl version 1.1.0h. A pull request exists which at the moment still waits to be merged into master. Hence you need to manually clone the origin of the pull request @ and checkout branch x509-uplift-squashed. Add this package as a local override with: dub add-override.


Run unittests with dub test.

Examples is available under examples/ folder. You can run them simply as a script, example examples/make_cert.d.

Development environment

This project is developed in Visual Studio Code (VS Code) "insiders" Currently (at the time of writing) only this pre-release version supports the plugin "remote development". This plugin makes it possible to have the development environment inside a container, see more @

To setup the development environment you only need to open this project in VS Code and a notification appears where you can choose to open the project inside a container. All the tools and dependencies will be installed and set-up accordingly to what's specified in the .devcontainer/Dockerfile. No further dependencies, tools or library installations is needed, the only prerequisite on the host is that Docker is installed.



Future work

  • Implement certificate revocation.
  • Lars Gunnarsson
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