path-matcher 1.2.0

Simple library for matching URLs to patterns, using a limited syntax.

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
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Simple library for matching URLs to patterns, using a limited syntax. Inspired by Spring Web's AntMatcher syntax, with some modifications that I think make the logic simpler and more flexible.


The library offers the following function:

PathMatchResult matchPath(string url, string pattern);

which takes as input a user-provided url (usually obtained from an HTTP request or something of that nature), and a pattern, which is defined by the programmer.

A path pattern is a slash-separated list of segments, each of which can be one of the following:

  1. Single-segment wildcard: * This pattern will match exactly one URL segment that contains any content. For example, /app/* will match /app/data, /app/settings, but not /app or /app/data/x.
  2. Multi-segment wildcard: ** This pattern will match zero or more URL segments that contain any content. For example, /app/** will match /app, /app/data, and /app/data/settings, but not /other-app. This wildcard is not greedy, meaning that if your path pattern contains other segments following a multi-segment wildcard, it'll take the quickest opportunity to match any subsequent pattern segments. For example, /users/**/:username/data will match /users/andrew/data with username = "andrew", but it will also match /users/bad-segment/andrew/data with username = "bad-segment".
  3. Path parameters prefixed with :<name> This pattern will match any single URL segment if it has content that's acceptable for the given path parameter, and the content of that URL segment will be stored for later retrieval if the matching is successful. For example, the pattern /users/:username when matched with the URL /users/andrew, will parse and store username = "andrew". You can also specify a type for the path parameter like so: :<name>:<type> (for example, :user-id:int). The following types are supported: byte, ubyte, short, ushort, int, uint, long, ulong, float, double, bool.
  4. Literal strings. Any pattern segment that's not one of the aforementioned will be treated as a literal string when matching. For example, the pattern /app/data will match only the URL /app/data.

Here's some information about how you can deal with the PathMatchResult return value from attempting a match:

PathMatchResult result = matchPath(

// Check if a match is successful with the `matches` property.

// You can directly access the list of path parameters.
foreach (param; result.pathParams) {
    writefln!"Path param %s = %s"(, param.value);

// You can get the path parameters as a plain D associative array:
string[string] pathParamsMap = result.pathParamsAsMap;
foreach (name, value; pathParamsMap) {
    writefln!"Path param %s = %s"(name, value);

// You can also get path parameters individually:
string userIdStr = result.getPathParam("user-id");
string unknownParam = result.getPathParam("unknown");
assert(unknownParam is null); // Unknown parameters are null.

// And you can get path parameters converted to a type.
// To be safe, only do this with typed path parameters.
int userId = result.getPathParamAs!int("user-id");

Example Path Patterns

Here are some examples of path patterns, and the paths that they would match with.

  • /users/* matches with:

    • /users/andrew
    • /users/john
    • /users/12345

    But not with:

    • /users
    • /users/john/settings
  • /app/** matches with:

    • /app/data/a/b/c
    • /app
    • /app/login

    But not with:

    • /application
    • /
  • /bank/:account-id:int/balance matches with:

    • /bank/12345/balance
    • /bank/543798/balance

    But not with:

    • /bank/andrew/balance
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