pathlib 0.1.0

Object oriented path manipulation.

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


Inspired by the python library pathlib.

Differences to the python library API

+ Addition | - Removal | $ Change

  • - There are no PureXPath base classes.
  • - No PureXPath base classes.
  • - No inheritance tree.
  • $ Most operations/functions are D module functions but can be called as if they were members (thanks to D's unified function call syntax UFCS).
  • $ as_posix() => posixData().
  • + asPosix() to convert between different paths.
  • + asNormalized() to normalize a path, without resolving it. This works for all types of paths, regardless of the current system.
  • as_posix() => posixData(). Additionally, there is also windowsData().
  • $ Instead of overloading operator /, the concatenation operator ~ is overloaded instead: Path("hello") ~ "world" ~ "goodBye // WindowsPath("hello\\world\\goodBye") or PosixPath("hello/world/goodBye")
  • $ Instead of suffix() and suffixes() there are extension(), extensions(), and fullExtension().
  • $ While pythons pathlib usually uses '/' as the path segment separator, we try to maintain the separator for the current type of path as much as possible.
  • $ glob() does not (yet?) support recursive patterns such as "**/*.cpp". Use rglob() for this instead.
  • manuzor
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