phobos-next 0.6.14

Various reusable D code.

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


Additional useful containers, algorithms, wrapper types, traits etc. Several are generic enough to have a place in Phobos.

Documentation used to be generated here but it’s currently out of date and I don’t know how to update it.

Announcement here.


Extra Attributes

  • tlm: "template-lazy member" meaning that this member function template is has an extra set of template parameters to delay its instantiation when it's parenting aggregate is instantiated.
  • !tlm: this member cannot template-lazy


  • When possible builtin __traits() are used over templated traits to minimize template bloat.
  • The __traits(isPOD, T) is used to detect when a instance of T can be passed by value opposite to passed by move (typically using either move or moveEmplace). There are plans for the compiler to perform this optimization automatically. When that is added these calls can replaced with a single assignment. For details see[email protected]


  • trie.d: Trie with sortedness and prefix completion(s).
  • dynamic_array.d: Basic uncopyable array with value semantics and explicit copying via .dup.
  • fixed_dynamic_array.d: Dynamically allocated (heap) array with fixed length.
  • minimal_static_array.d: Minimalistic statically-sized (stack) array of length smaller than 255 fitting in an ubyte for compact packing.
  • hybrid_hashmap.d: Combined hashset and hashmap with open addressing and support for deletion via hole handling. Pointers and classes are stored as is with support for vacancy and hole handling. Vacancy support for std.typecons.Nullable.
  • cyclic_array.d: Cyclic array.
  • filterarray.d: Filter array.
  • static_array.d: Fixed-sized statically allocated (heap) array similar to C++ std::array.
  • bitarray.d: A dynamically sized (heap) bit array.
  • static_bitarray.d: A statically sized (stack) bit array.
  • ...

For reference semantics wrap uncopyable containers in std.typecons.RefCounter.

Wrapper types

  • bound.d: A wrapper for bounded types.
  • notnull.d: Enhanced NotNull.
  • digest_ex.d: A structured wrapper for message digests.
  • sorted.d: A structured wrapper for sorted random access containers (arrays).
  • ...


  • integer_sorting.d: Integer sorting algorithms, including radix sort.
  • horspool.d: Boyer-Moore-Hoorspool search.
  • ...


  • debugio.d: Debug printing.
  • csunits.d: Computer Science units.
  • ...


  • Various extension to Phobos (often ending with _ex.d)
  • ...



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