pkcs11 2.40.0-alpha.2

Twofold (deimos/derelict) binding to PKCS #11 Cryptoki interface

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Twofold binding to PKCS #11 Cryptoki interface (Version 2.40 Plus Errata 01) [1 PKCS#11]

configuration 'deimos': Static binding, the "import-only" C header's declarations.
configuration 'derelict': Dynamic binding (DerelictUtil), the header's declarations + derelict runtime loading (any pkcs#11 implementing shared library) interface.

For more information on dynamic binding and Your options with derelict-util, look at [4 Derelict].
Here's some sample code:

// Written in the D programming language
// configuration 'derelict'
import std.stdio;
import pkcs11;

int main() {
PKCS11.load(); // makes use of default: [5 OpenSC] or do specify explicitely

CKRV rv;
if ((rv=C
Initialize(NULLPTR)) != CKROK) {

writeln("Failed to initialze Cryptoki");<br>
return 1;<br>




1 PKCS#11
2 PKCS#11 headers
3 PKCS#11 programming intro 4 Derelict
5 OpenSC, opensc.conf/debug/debug_file, inspect (high-level) Cryptoki communication
(6 Inspect (low-level) PC/SC communication)

  • Carsten Blüggel
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