portaudio 1.0.2

Deimos bindings for portaudio.

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

portaudio D bindings


PortAudio is a free, cross-platform, open-source, audio I/O library. It lets you write simple audio programs in 'C' or C++ that will compile and run on many platforms including Windows, Macintosh OS X, and Unix (OSS/ALSA). It is intended to promote the exchange of audio software between developers on different platforms. Many applications use PortAudio for Audio I/O. http://www.portaudio.com

License: portaudio is released under an MIT-like license.

Binding version: v19

Example: See examples/ folder

High-Level Wrapper: not available

1.0.2 2017-Jan-09
1.0.1 2016-Jun-08
1.0.0 2016-May-30
~master 2017-Jan-09
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