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Library for managing running processes and trees of them

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Manual usage
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proc is a library to run single processes and manage trees of them. It provides conveniences such as timeouts, output drains and sandboxing for single processes. The process tree handling map up all running processes on the system for convenient analyze such as killing a subtree.

Getting Started

proc depends on the following software packages:

It is recommended to install the D compiler by downloading it from the official distribution page.

# link
curl -fsS | bash -s dmd

Download the D compiler of your choice, extract it and add to your PATH shell variable.

# example with an extracted DMD
export PATH=/path/to/dmd/linux/bin64/:$PATH

Once the dependencies are installed it is time to download the source code to install proc.

git clone
cd proc
dub build -b release

Done! Have fun. Don't be shy to report any issue that you find.


This is a couple of examples of how the library can be used.

A sandbox is in this library a way of assuring that any subprocesses that are spawned have are also killed when the root is terminated. This is most probably used in conjunction with timeout.

auto p = pipeProcess([scriptName]).sandbox.scopeKill;
// do stuff. force a kill

To kill a process after a timeout.

auto p = pipeProcess(["sleep", "1m"]).timeout(100.dur!"msecs").scopeKill;
// do stuff. the timeout triggers
p.wait; // the exit code of the root process

And then to combine both of them.

auto p = pipeProcess([script]).sandbox.timeout(1.dur!"seconds").scopeKill;
// do stuff
p.wait; // the exit code of the root process

To drain all output from a process by line. The element returned have an attribute, type, which allow you to see if it is stdout or stderr. Of note is that the draining is conservative and thus any non-valid UTF-8 will result in a large part of the output being discarded. Pull requests to improve this is welcome.

auto p = pipeProcess(["dd", "if=/dev/zero", "bs=10", "count=3"]).scopeKill;
foreach (l; p.process.drainByLineCopy.filter!"!a.empty")

The draining by line do have an overhead. Use the basic drain if you do not need it to be exactly by line.

auto p = pipeProcess(["dd", "if=/dev/zero", "bs=10", "count=3"]).scopeKill;
foreach (l; p.process.drain.filter!"!a.empty")

The final is a combination of all the separate wheels.

auto p = pipeProcess(["proc"]).sandbox.timeout(1.dur!"seconds").scopeKill;
foreach (l; p.process.drain.filter!"!a.empty")

The library have functionality to analyze all running processes and present them in an easily digested format. To create such a map:

auto t = makePidMap();

Lets say you want to kill all subtrees of the init process that are owned by the current user:

auto pmap = makePidMap().filterByCurrentUser;
foreach (ref t; pmap.splitToSubMaps) {

Or maybe you just want to print the whole tree:

auto pmap = makePidMap().filterByCurrentUser;
foreach (p; pmap.pids) {
    writefln("  pid:%s %s",!string, pmap.getProc(p));


Depending on the order of the operations the behavior will be different because an operation may traverse from the child up to the root. As an example lets consider the combination of timeout and sandbox. The kill method of the sandbox will kill all children while the kill of the timeout will only kill the root process. This mean that the combination

auto p = pipeProcess([script]).sandbox.timeout(1.dur!"seconds").scopeKill;

will kill the root and all children if timeout triggers. Timeout calls kill of the sandox. The reverse though

auto p = pipeProcess([script]).timeout(1.dur!"seconds").sandbox.scopeKill;

mean that the timeout will only kill the root process if it triggers.

The library try not to assume too much about the expected use. How it should behave is left up to the user of the library.

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