profdump 0.1.0

Processes profiling output

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

profdump Page on DUB License

profdump converts output of D programming language profiler into:

  • Plain text
  • JSON
  • DOT graph


Because profiler gives you this. It's very hard to read and understand it. profdump can convert it to:

or just draw this beautiful graph: simple graph


Usage: profdump [options] [input file] [output file]
Converts the output of dlang compiler into a plain text, json or dot graph.
If input file is not specified, looks for 'trace.log' file.
You can set input and output file to stdin/stdout by passing '-' instead of file name.

-j      --json output JSON
-p     --plain output plain text
-d       --dot output dot graph
-t --threshold (seconds) hide functions below this threshold (default: 0.0)
      --pretty output pretty JSON (default: true)
      --colour customize colours of dot graph nodes (default: [0:"limegreen", 10:"slateblue", 50:"royalblue", 95:"red", 25:"steelblue", 75:"navy"])
-f     --force overwrite output file if exists
-h      --help This help information.

Graph output

Every node represents a function and has the following layout:

|        Function name       |
| total time % (self time %) |
| total time s (self time s) |

And edge represents the calls between two functions and has the following layout:

parent --------------> child

JSON output

Has the following layout:

	"functions": [
			"name": <string>, // Demangled name of function
			"mangled": <string>, // Mangled name of function
			"time": <integer>, // Time spent on this function and all its children in ticks
			"timeSec": <float>, // Time spent on this function and all its children in seconds
			"functionTime": <integer>, // Time spent on this function in ticks
			"functionTimeSec": <float>, // Time spent on this function in seconds
			"callsTo": [ // All children which are called by this function
					"name": <string>, // Demangled name of children
					"mangled": <string, // Mangled name of children
					"calls": <integer>, // Number of calls
			"calledBy": [ // All parents which calls this function
					"name": <string>, // Demangled name of parent
					"mangled": <string, // Mangled name of parent
					"calls": <integer>, // Number of calls
	"tps": <integer> // Number of ticks per second

Plain text output

Should be easy to understand

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