pushover 0.3.1

Dlang API for pushover.net notification API

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

Pushover Dlang API

Alpha bindings for https://pushover.net/api notification API

"Pushover uses a simple, versioned REST API to receive messages from your application and send them to devices running our device clients. To simplify the user registration process and usage of our API, there are no complicated out-of-band authentication mechanisms or per-call signing libraries required, such as OAuth. HTTP libraries available in just about every language, or even from the command line, can be used without any custom modules or extra dependencies needed. See our FAQ for examples in different programming languages."

Boost-licensed. Use at your peril.

Example code:

    import std.datetime:Clock;

    enum applicationKey = "set me".ApplicationToken;
    enum targetUserKey = "set me".UserKey;
    enum groupKey = "set me".GroupKey;
    enum targetUserMemo ="memo field here";
    auto api=PushoverAPI(applicationToken);
    writefln("validate target user: %s",api.validate(targetUserKey));
    writeln("result of adding target user to group:",api.addUserToGroup(targetUserKey,groupKey,null.DeviceName,targetUserMemo));
    PushoverMessage message;

    message=message.setMessage("as the CNBC anchor said, is buying GS here like D&G on sale?")
        .setTitle("Kaleidic Market Alert - GS")
        .setUrlTitle("GS chart")
    auto ret=api.sendMessage(message,targetUserKey);
    writefln("message status: %s",ret["status"]);
    writefln("message request: %s",ret["request"]);

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