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Meta package to import implementations of RFC specifications - see README

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


Meta package to import implementations of RFC specifications.

PR to add new packages!

You can import various RFC implementations using this package.

For example by depending on rfc:4648 you will pull in all packages used for implementing RFC 4648. At this point you can also just import rfc4648; to automatically get the specific imports from the packages.

Supported specifications (in ascending order):

822Standard for ARPA Internet Text Messagesrfc:5322 (obsoleted)n/an/an/a2020-04
1867Form-based File Upload in HTMLhttps://vibe-d.dub.pmMIT40%:o::o:2020-012020-04
1950ZLIB Compressed Data Format Specification v. 3.3etc.c.zlibZlib100%:o::o::o::o:n/a2020-04
std.zlib (wrapper)BSL-1.0?:o:n/a2020-04
1951DEFLATE Compressed Data Format Specification v. 1.3etc.c.zlibZlib100%:o::o::o::o:n/a2020-04
std.zlib (wrapper)BSL-1.0?:o:n/a2020-04
1952GZIP file format specification v. 4.3etc.c.zlibZlib100%:o::o::o::o:n/a2020-04
std.zlib (wrapper)BSL-1.0?:o:n/a2020-04
2069An Extension to HTTP : Digest Access Authenticationhttps://vibe-d.dub.pmMIT80%:o::o:2020-012020-04
2373IP Version 6 Addressing Architecturestd.socketBSL-1.0n/a:o::o:n/a2020-04
2518HTTP Extensions for Distributed Authoring -- WEBDAVhttps://vibe-d.dub.pmMIT2%:o:2020-012020-04
2822Standard for ARPA Internet Text Messagesrfc:5322 (obsoleted)n/an/an/a2020-04
3253Versioning Extensions to WebDAVhttps://vibe-d.dub.pmMIT2%:o:2020-012020-04
3629UTF-8, a transformation format of ISO 10646std.utfBSL-1.098%:o::o::o::o:n/a2020-04
std.encoding (BOM)BSL-1.02%:o:n/a2020-04
3648WebDAV Ordered Collections Protocolhttps://vibe-d.dub.pmMIT2%:o:2020-012020-04
3744WebDAV Access Control Protocolhttps://vibe-d.dub.pmMIT2%:o:2020-012020-04
3986Uniform Resource Identifier (URI): Generic Syntaxstd.uri (pct-encode/decode)BSL-1.05%:o::o:n/a2020-04
4122A Universally Unique IDentifier (UUID) URN Namespacestd.uuidBSL-1.0100%:o::o::o::o:n/a2020-04
4506XDR: External Data Representation Standardhttps://xdr.dub.pmAGPL-3.05%:o::o::o::o:2015-082020-04
4648The Base16, Base32, and Base64 Data Encodingshttps://base32.dub.pmBSL-1.033%:o::o:2015-052020-04
5321Simple Mail Transfer Protocolstd.net.isemail (validation)BSL-1.010%:o::o:n/a2020-04
5322Standard for ARPA Internet Text Messagesstd.datetime.systime (date-time)BSL-1.03%:o::o:n/a2020-04
std.net.isemail (addr-spec)BSL-1.03%:o::o:n/a2020-04
https://vibe-d.dub.pm (headers)BSL-1.010%:o::o:n/a2020-04
5424The Syslog Protocolhttps://vibe-core.dub.pmMIT80%:o::o:2020-012020-04
6265HTTP State Management Mechanismhttps://vibe-d.dub.pmMIT100%:o::o:2020-012020-04
6455The WebSocket Protocolhttps://vibe-d.dub.pmMIT100%:o::o:2020-012020-04
6901JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Pointerhttps://json-pointer.dub.pmBSL-1.0100%:o:2018-062020-04
6902JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Patchhttps://json-patch.dub.pmBSL-1.0100%:o:2018-062020-04
7232Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP/1.1): Conditional Requestshttps://vibe-d.dub.pmMIT100%:o::o:2020-012020-04
7519JSON Web Token (JWT)https://hunt-jwt.dub.pmMIT40%:o:2019-102020-04
7797JSON Web Signature (JWS) Unencoded Payload Optionhttps://itsdangerous.dub.pmBSL-1.080%:o:2020-012020-04

The RFC and title columns refer to the RFC being implemented.

package points to where it is implemented and license shows under which license it is published.

impl shows a rough percentage how much of the RFC is implemented by this package. 100% would mean it covers all examples inside the specification correctly.

pkg indicates that there is a subpackage available in this repository for importing it.

safe, nogc, nothrow, betterC indicate using a :o: if that package fulfills the respective features.

@safe, @nogc and nothrow are tested automatically inside their submodules, betterC is only checked if explicitly advertised.

Updated is when the package code was last updated (possibly not a new version though), Checked is when this readme or the subpackage is changed for this package.

There is no warranty the information on this page is correct, please check the links to be sure yourself.

The source code of the dub package files is public domain, the import files may adhere to separate licenses as governed by the dependencies.

Sub packages:
rfc:1867, rfc:1950, rfc:1951, rfc:1952, rfc:2069, rfc:2373, rfc:3629, rfc:4122, rfc:4506, rfc:4648, rfc:5321, rfc:5322, rfc:5424, rfc:6265, rfc:6455, rfc:6901, rfc:6902, rfc:7232, rfc:7519, rfc:7797
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