ros2_d 0.1.1

ROS2 Client Library for Dlang

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

This package provides sub packages which can be used individually:

ros2_d:msg_gen - ROS2 message generator

ros2_d:rcl_bind - ROS2 binding for D

ros2_d:rcld - ROS2 client library for Dlang

ros2_d - ROS2 client library written in Dlang


This is a ROS2 client library written in Dlang that does not depend on ROS2 build infrastructure (colcon).

Sub packages

  • rcl_bind : D binding package of rcl
  • msg_gen : Message generator that reads IDL files
  • rcld : ROS2 client library API for D

Getting started


  • libclang-dev (tested with libclang-10-dev)
  • clang (tested with clang-10)


  1. Execute this command at your project root.

    • This will generate D message packages from visible ROS2 message packages.
    dub run ros2_d:msg_gen -- .dub/packages
  2. Add ros2_d to your project

    dub add ros2_d:rcld
  3. Add message packages you want to use

    • Open dub.json and add (e.g.) "std_msgs": ">=0.0.1" to dependencies section
  4. Build

    dub build

Before you execute that procedure, please be sure that necessary environment varialbles for ROS2. This means, you need to execute the following command before setting up.

source /opt/ros/$ROS_DISTRO/setup.bash

And if you have your own message type, please do the following command too.

source <your-ament-workspace>/install/setup.bash

When some of ROS2 message type definitions are changed, please do the following command again.

dub run ros2_d:msg_gen -- .dub/packages -r

Here is a example pacakge.

Supporting environments

  • OS
    • Linux (tested with Ubuntu 20.04)
  • ROS2 distribution
    • Foxy
    • Galactic
    • Rolling
  • Dlang
    • dmd (tested with dmd-2.098.0)
  • CPU
    • x86_64

For developer

Getting started

  • nonanonno
Sub packages:
ros2_d:msg_gen, ros2_d:rcl_bind, ros2_d:rcld
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