sdlite 1.1.0

Small and fast range based SDLang parser/generator

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Manual usage
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SDLite - a lightweight SDLang parser/generator

This library implements a small and efficient parser/generator for SDLang documents, providing a range based API. While the parser still uses the GC to allocate identifiers, strings etc., it uses a very efficient pool based allocation scheme that has very low computation and memory overhead.

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Project origins

The motivation for writing another SDLang implementation for D came from the high overhead that the original sdlang-d implementation has. Parsing a particular 200 MB file took well over 30 seconds and used up almost 10GB of memory if parsed into a DOM. The following changes to the parsing approach brought the parsing time down to around 2.5 seconds:

  • Using a more efficient allocation scheme
  • Using only "native" range implementations instead of the more comfortable fiber-based approach taken by sdlang-d
  • Using TaggedUnion (taggedalgebraic) instead of Variant

Further substantial improvements at this point are more difficult and likely require the use of bit-level tricks and SIMD for speeding up the lexer, as well as exploiting the properties of pure array inputs.

1.2.0 2023-Jun-16
1.1.2 2021-May-20
1.1.1 2020-Oct-23
1.1.0 2020-Oct-14
1.0.0 2020-Oct-14
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