sdutil 0.1.2

Helpers for communicate with systemd

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

SystemD util

Minimal dynamic bindings for

  • int sd_notify(int unset_environment, const char* state)
  • int sd_pid_notify(pid_t pid, int unset_environment, const char *state)
  • int sd_journal_print(int priority, const char* fmt, ...)
  • int sd_journal_send(const char* fmt, ...)
  • int sd_journal_perror(const char *message)

with minimal wraps:

  • int sdNotify(int unset_environment, string state)
  • int sdNotify_ready(int unset_environment=0) @nogc send state="READY=1"
  • int sdNotify_reloading(int unset_environment=0) @nogc send state="RELOADING=1"
  • int sdNotify_stopping(int unset_environment=0) @nogc send state="STOPPING=1"
  • int sdNotify_watchdog(int unset_environment=0) @nogc send state="WATCHDOG=1"
  • int sdPidNotify(pid_t pid, int unset_environment, string state)
  • int sdNotifyf(Args...)(int unset_environment, string fmt, Args args) with D format
  • int sdPidNotifyf(Args...)(pid_t pid, int unset_environment, string fmt, Args args) with D format

and 2 std.experimental.logger.Logger implementations:

  • SDSimpleLogger not use libsystemd, only specific format output to stderr
  • SDJournalLogger use sd_journal_print in writeLogMsg and call initSystemDLib in ctor

See example

  • deviator
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