serverino 0.2.3

Small and ready-to-go http/https server

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

serverino BUILD & TEST

  • Ready-to-go http/https server
  • Multi-process
  • Dynamic number of workers
  • Zero dub dependencies
  • Just one C dependency (optional, if you use https)

A simple webserver in three lines

import serverino;
mixin ServerinoMain;
void hello(const Request req, Output output) { output ~= req.dump(); }

Documentation you need

Defining more than one endpoint

Every function marked with `@endpoint is called until one writes something to output. The calling order is defined by @priority`

import serverino;
mixin ServerinoMain;

// This function will never block the execution of other endpoints since it doesn't write anything
// In this case `output` param is not needed and this works too: `@priority(10) @endpoint void logger(Request req)`
@priority(10) @endpoint void logger(Request req, Output output) 
   import std.experimental.logger; // std.experimental.logger works fine!

// This endpoint (default priority == 0) handles the homepage
// Request and Output can be used in @safe code
@endpoint void hello(Request req, Output output) 
   // Skip this endpoint if uri is not "/"
   if (req.uri != "/") return;

   output ~= "Hello world!";

// This function will be executed only if `hello(...)` doesn't write anything to output.
@priority(-10000) @endpoint void notfound(const Request req, Output output) 
   output.status = 404;
   output ~= "Not found";

@onServerInit UDA

Use `@onServerInit` to configure your server

// Try also `setup(string args[])` if you need to read arguments passed to your application
@onServerInit ServerinoConfig setup()
   ServerinoConfig sc = ServerinoConfig.create(); // Config with default params
   sc.addListener("", 8080);
   sc.addListener("", 8081);
   // etc...
   return sc;

@onWorkerStart, @onWorkerStop UDAs

 When a worker is created, this function is called.
 Useful to init database connection & everything else.
auto start()
   // Connect to db...

Use serverino across multiple modules

module test;
import serverino;

@endpoint void f1(Request r, Output o) { ... }
module other;
import serverino;

@endpoint void f2(Request r, Output o) { ... }
module main;
import serverino;
import test, other;

mixin ServerinoMain!(other, test); // Current module is always processed

Enable https

Follow these instructions to install libretls. Enable `WithTLS` subconfiguration in your dub project.


subConfiguration "serverino" "WithTLS"


"subConfigurations" : { "serverino" : "WithTLS" }

Add a https listener:

@onServerInit ServerinoConfig setup()
   ServerinoConfig sc = ServerinoConfig.create(); // Config with default params
   // https. Probably you need to run server as *root* to access cert files.
   // Please run workers as unprivileged user using setWorkerUser/setWorkerGroup
   // sc.setWorkerUser("www-data"); sc.setWorkerGroup("www-data");
   sc.addListener("", 8082, "path-to-your/cert.pem", "path-to-your/privkey.pem");
   // http if you don't set certs
   sc.addListener("", 8083);
   return sc;
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