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A simple client to connect to and interact with SOAP services.

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


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A simple client to connect to and interact with SOAP services.

Example usage

import std.stdio;
import std.xml;
import soapclient;

void main() {
    auto client = new SoapClient("");

    auto payload = new Element("GetDeliveryLines");
    payload ~= new Element("customer", "35754");
    payload ~= new Element("addressNumber", "0");
    payload ~= new Element("daysInThePast", "50");

    // Optionally set a namsepace
    payload.tag.attr["xmlns"] = "urn:acme:orderservice";

    // Optionallpy set SOAP headers
    client.setHeader("user", "john doe");
    client.setHeader("pass", "supersecret");"GetDeliveryLine", payload);

Available methods

  • getEndpoint()

    • string
    • Return the endpoint URI the client is connecting to.
  • setHeader(string key, string value)

    • void
    • Set a header to be sent along when the client calls a method.
  • getHeaders()

    • array
    • Return an associative array of all headers that have been set.
  • clearHeaders()

    • void
    • Clear all SOAP headers that may have been set up to this point.
  • getHeader(string key)

    • string
    • Return the value of a specific header key.
  • getMethods()

    • array
    • Return an array of available SOAP methods.
  • call(string method, Element payload)

    • void
    • Call a specific method on the endpoint, feeding it a valid XML Element.
  • getResult()

    • string
    • Return the result of our call.
  • Jethro Van Thuyne
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