standardpaths 0.0.4

Library for getting standard paths

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

This package provides sub packages which can be used individually:

standardpaths:printdirs - A minimal D application.

standardpaths:findexecutable - A minimal D application.

Standard paths

D library for getting standard paths (e.g. Pictures, Music, Documents). Inspired by QStandardPaths from Qt.

The library is in early development. API may change in future. Join discussions in Issues if you're interested.

Compiler and platform support

The library requires at least DMD v2.066 (or other compatible compiler) to compile. Currently works on Windows, Linux and FreeBSD.

Generating documentation

dub build --build=docs

Import the library to your project

In case you use dub to manage your project, just add standardpaths library to your dub.json like this:

"dependencies" : {

Use the module in your code:

import standardpaths;

Running examples

Prints some standard paths to stdout.

dub run standardpaths:printdirs --build=release

Find executable

Takes the name of executable as command line argument and searches PATH environment variable for retrieving absolute path to file. On Windows it also tries all known executable extensions.

dub run standardpaths:findexecutable --build=release -- whoami

Use cases

Some code snippets showing how standardpaths library is supposed to be used.

Building file dialogs

Let's say you have some fancy FileDialog class and you want to provide shortcuts to standard user directories to improve experience. Your code may look like this:

import standardpaths;
import std.file;
import std.stdio;

void showFileDialog()
    auto fileDialog = new FileDialog;
    string[] paths = [
    foreach(path; paths) {
        if (path.exists) {
            string label = path.baseName();
            fileDialog.addPath(label, path);

Writing configuration files

Usually your application will have some configuration file (or files) to store user's preferences and settings. That's where you could use StandardPath.Config path. While the library returns generic paths for configuration, data and cache, you want to have separate folders specially for your application, so you will not accidentally read or modify files used by other programs. Usually these paths are built by concatenating of generic path, organization name and application name.

//You may have these as constants somewhere in your code
enum organizationName = "MyLittleCompany";
enum applicationName = "MyLittleApplication";

import standardpaths;
import std.stdio;
import std.path;

void saveSettings(const Config config)
    string configPath = buildPath(writablePath(StandardPath.Config), organizationName, applicationName);
    if (!configPath.exists) {
    string configFile = buildPath(configPath, "config.conf");
    auto f = File(configFile); 
    // write settings
    writeln("Settings saved!");

Reading configuration files

Since one can save settings it also should be able to read them. Before the first start application does not have any user-specific settings, though it may provide some global default settings.

Config readSettings()
    string[] dataPaths = standardPaths(StandardPath.Config);
    configPaths ~= thisExePath().dirName(); //Optionally add root application directory to search files in

    string configFile = "config.conf";

    foreach(path; dataPaths) {
        string backgroundPath = buildPath(path, organizationName, applicationName, configFile);
        if (backgroundPath.exists) {
            //read file...
            break;//consider using of the first found file

Implementation details


On Posix systems library uses XDG Base Directory Specification and xdg-user-dirs.


On Windows it utilizes SHGetSpecialFolderPath.

  • Roman Chistokhodov
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