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Telegram Bot API implementation

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


Telegram bot API implementation.

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Simple echo bot example

import vibe.core.core : runApplication, runTask;
import vibe.core.log : setLogLevel, logInfo, LogLevel;
import std.process : environment;
import std.exception : enforce;

int main(string[] args)
    string botToken = environment.get("BOT_TOKEN");

    if (args.length > 1 && args[1] != null) {
        logInfo("Setting token from first argument");
        botToken = args[1];

    enforce(botToken !is null, "Please provide bot token as a first argument or set BOT_TOKEN env variable");

    runTask(&listenUpdates, botToken);

    return runApplication();

void listenUpdates(string token)
    import telega.botapi : BotApi;
    import telega.telegram.basic : Update, getUpdates, sendMessage;
    import std.algorithm.iteration : filter, each;
    import std.algorithm.comparison : max;

    int offset;
    auto api = new BotApi(token);

    while (true)
            .filter!(u => !u.message.text.isNull) // we need all updates with text message
            .each!((Update u) {
                logInfo("Text from %s: %s",, u.message.text);
                api.sendMessage(, u.message.text);
                offset = max(offset,;


You can add package to your project using dub:

dub add telega


  • [ ] Sending files
  • [ ] Inline mode
  • [ ] Bot API 4.0
  • [ ] Bot API 4.1 and newer


You can find some examples in the examples dir

API types and methods can be found in telega.telegram.* modules.

Each method is typically implemented using 3 constructs:

  • structure for the method fully describing its signature;
  • a function that accepts a few arguments representing required method arguments
  • a function that accepts a reference to a method struct for calling method with required and optional arguments

For example:

// full method structure
struct SendMessageMethod
    mixin TelegramMethod!"/sendMessage";

    ChatId    chat_id;
    string    text;
    Nullable!ParseMode parse_mode;
    Nullable!bool      disable_web_page_preview;
    Nullable!bool      disable_notification;
    Nullable!uint      reply_to_message_id;

    ReplyMarkup reply_markup;

// short form - only required args
Message sendMessage(T)(BotApi api, T chatId, string text) if (isTelegramId!T)

// full form - need to build SendTelegramMethod struct first
Message sendMessage(BotApi api, ref SendMessageMethod m)

Some hints

ChatId type is actually long or string

isTelegramId!T template checks T to be some string or number


Issues and PR's are welcome.

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