tg-d ~16-add-more-contracts-to-prevent-errors

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Manual usage
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tg.d pipeline statuscoverage report

tg.d is a Telegram Bot API client implementation built to make fast and safe bots with the help of the D programming language.


API reference is available here.

Getting updates

Currently, only long polling is supported. Use TelegramBot.pollUpdates which provides high-level abstraction over TelegramBot.getUpdates.

import tg.d;

void main() {
	while(true) {
		foreach(update; TelegramBot("token").pollUpdates) {
			// Do something with `update`

Notice that everything is done in while(true) loop. It's possible because TelegramBot.pollUpdates defines timeout of 3 seconds by default which means that it'll block the running thread for 3-ish seconds.

  • Pavel Chebotarev
  • Anton Fediushin
vibe-d:data, vibe-d:tls, vibe-core, vibe-d:http
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