tg_d 0.0.8

A library for creating Telegram bots

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Manual usage
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A DLang library for creating telegram bots


  • Unified request execution method - execute
  • Unified types struct - abstract TelegramType
  • Full Telegram types support
  • Widespread use of exceptions


  • [ ] Webhook support
  • [ ] Full methods implementation
  • [ ] Write more examples
  • [*] Updates checking loop
  • [*] Signals for updtaes processing

The basics


Every telegram type has 2 method for simple data sending/recieving

    TelegramType.getAsJson(); // Returns the type as a JSON record
    TelegramType.setFromJson(); // Init type`s values from server`s JSON response

Bot creating

    TelegramBot bot = new TelegramBot(bot_api);

File sending

    // There is a special type for sending files

    TelegramInputFile id = TelegramInputFile.createFromId(id); // Creates file for sending from already downloaded to the server file by it`s id
    TelegramInputFile url = TelegramInputFile.createFromUrl(url); // Creates file for sending from file form the Internek
    TelegramInputFile local = TelegramInputFile.createFromFile(path); // Creates file for sending from local file

Generating types implementation

You can regenerate types by this repo

Bots written by tg_d

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