tshare 1.1.8

A minimal client for transfer.sh

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

tshare BUILD

The fastest way to share your local files on the web (Windows / Linux / macOS), for free. \ <sub>Powered by transfer.sh online service.</sub>


get tshare 🚀

Linux + macOSWindows
```curl https://tshare.download \bash````curl -L https://tshare.download/windows.zip -o tshare.zip`



tshare /path/to/file

keep file online for two days / max 10 downloads

tshare -t 2 -d 10 /path/to/file

encrypt using gpg if installed on your system

tshare -c your-secret-password /path/to/file

save a copy of your mysql db

mysqldump wordpress_db | tshare --stdin -c secret_password -o export.sql 

pre-builds binaries

Windows Unix MacOS.

Binaries are experimental: feedbacks are welcome :)

install with homebrew (Linux, macOS) 🍺

If you have `homebrew on your MacOS/Linux, you can install tshare` using a local formula:

HOMEBREW_NO_INSTALL_FROM_API=1 brew install --build-from-source ./tshare.rb

You're done 🎉

Run `tshare -h`, star this repository and have fun.

build from source (Linux, macOS, Windows)

If you don't have homebrew, you need a dlang compiler to compile tshare by yourself.

install a dlang compiler

  • Ubuntu: `sudo apt install dub ldc libcurl-dev`
  • macOS: `brew install ldc dub`
  • Windows: see below


download an official package here

compile tshare

dub build
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