utils 0.3.4

Some misc. functions and classes for D

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


Some misc. functions and classes for D, that I frequently use in my other packages. All of the code is commented well enough, and you can use ddoc to generate documentation.


A module contaning some functions to convert between Hex, Binary, and Denary.


Contains classes related to arrays. It includes:

  • List - to store data in dynamic arrays where length will be varying very often.
  • LinkedList - a Linked List implementation with search (hasElement), and "bookmarks"
  • Stack - a stack implementation, especially designed for use in QScript. Works similar to Linked List, not using dynamic arrays
  • FIFOStack - same as Stack but in this one, when pop-ing, the items are poped from the bottom of the stack.
  • LogList - used in qui's LogWidget, used to store "logs" for displaying, in a way that older logs are over-written, as they wont be displayed. For storing the actual logs, use some other list.
  • FileReader - Works based on std.stdio.File to read large files in chunks. Adds nothing new compared to std.stdio.File at this moment.
  • TreeNode and TreeReader - used to store and read a Tree, but doesnt allow "loops" inside the tree (a child node cannot have a parent node, or parent's parent node.. as its child)


Contains some misc. functions, mostly for dealing with dynamic arrays

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