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Minimalist neural network library for sparse data

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

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Vectorflow is a minimalist neural network library optimized for sparse data and single machine environments.

Original blog post here.

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dub package

The library is distributed as a dub package. Add vectorflow to the dependencies section of your dub.json:

"vectorflow": "~>1.0.2"

The library itself doesn't have any dependencies. All you need is a recent D compiler.

`LDC` is the recommended compiler for the fastest runtime speed.

Tested on:

  • Linux, OSX
  • LDC version: >= 1.1.1
  • DMD version: >= 2.073.1
Setting up a D environment

If you're new to D, keep reading. You will need dub (the D package manager) and LDC (the LLVM-based D compiler).

brew install dub
brew install ldc
apt-get install -y curl xz-utils
curl -fsS | bash -s ldc
source ~/dlang/ldc-{VERSION}/activate


To run the RCV1 example (sparse logistic regression):

cd examples && ./ rcv1.d


To run the tests:

dub test


vectorflow uses ddoc. One way of building and serving the documentation locally (you will need libevent for serving) is:

dub build -b ddox && dub run -b ddox

Or use your favorite DDOC compiler.

Please also refer to the repo wiki.

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