vibe-core 1.0.0-alpha.9

The I/O core library of vibe.d.

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Manual usage
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vibe.d core module

This is the designated successor of the vibe-d:core sub package of vibe.d 0.7.x. The API is mostly compatible from a library user point of view, but the whole library has received some heavy lifting under the surface, close to a rewrite. Most classes have been replaced by reference counting structs and @safe nothrow attributes are now used throughout the library, whenever possible. Adding @nogc still has to be decided, because of its viral nature.

Another major design change is that instead of the previous driver model, there is now a separate, lower-level event loop abstraction (eventcore) which follows a callback based Proactor pattern. The logic to schedule fibers based on events has been pulled out of this abstraction and is now maintained as a single function, leaving to a huge improvment in terms of robustness (most issues in the previous implementation have probably never surfaced in practice, but there turned out to be lots of hidden bugs).

The development state is still heavy work-in-progress.

Build Status


Task schedulingdone
Streamsdone (may be subject to smaller changes)
DNS lookupdone
TCP connectionsdone
UDP connectionsdone
File I/Odone
Directory watchersdone
Path/URL typesWIP
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