xlsxd 4.0.4

A thin wrapper around libxlsx to write excel spreadsheets

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:


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A small wrapper in the D programming language around the C library libxlsxwriter, which writes Excel spreadsheets.


import libxlsxd;

void main() {
    /* Create a new workbook and add a worksheet.
	Workbook is RefCounted and will write the file
	when it is released.
    auto workbook  = newWorkbook("demo.xlsx");
    auto worksheet = workbook.addWorksheet(null);

    /* Add a format. */
    auto format = workbook.addFormat();

    /* Set the bold property for the format */

    /* Change the column width for clarity. */
    worksheet.setColumn(0, 0, 20);

    /* Write some simple text. */
    worksheet.writeString(0, 0, "Hello");

    /* Text with formatting. */
    worksheet.writeString(1, 0, "World", format);

    /* Write some numbers. */
    worksheet.writeNumber(2, 0, 123);
    worksheet.writeNumber(3, 0, 123.456);

	// for the lazy
    worksheet.write(4, 0, 13.37);
	// for the lazy
    worksheet.write(4, 1, true);

    worksheet.write(4, 2, "Hello 1337");
	worksheet.setColumn(4, 2, 20.0);


Consult https://libxlsxwriter.github.io/index.html for the api documentation.

The D code:

Workbook wb;
Format f = wb.addFormat();

is basically equivalent to this C code:

lxw_workbook  *workbook
lxw_format *f = workbook_add_format(workbook);

So to find the documentation for the method "methodName" for the data structure "Datastructure", search for a C function "toLower(Datastructure)_toSnakeCase(methodName)". In this example "datastructure_method_name".

Complementary Projects

xlsxd can only write xlsx files, but there are more things to do

  • xlsx can read xlsx files
  • excel-d can create excel plugins

Updating libxlsxwriter

libxlsxwriter is integrated as a squashed git subtree. The command:

git subtree pull --prefix=libxlsxwriter --squash https://github.com/jmcnamara/libxlsxwriter master

will update that subtree to the current master of the libxlsxwriter repo. Then remove source/libxlsxd/xlsxwrap.d and then run

make source/libxlsxd/xlsxwrap.d

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