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Template combinators

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Manual usage
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yYd - Mixin template combinators for D

Sequential combinators for templates.

The library allows us to bind to compiler constructs as identifiers using templates and mixin templates.

identity!T :== alias _ = T

evaluate!T :== enum _ = T

partial!(T, U...) :== (V...) => T!(U,V)

rpartial!(T, U...) :== (V...) => T!(V,U)


Many of the mixin templates start with a single underscore _ . This indicates that this mixin template defines a single identifier in scope comprising an underscore which represents an alias binding to the combinator.

The underscore may be an alias, and might be a template or a mixin template.

So we can pass an identifier to a mixin template as an argument to a combinator template. The template then instantiates the mixin as defined by its semantics of the combinator.

So for example to iterate an AliasSeq

mixin template mixinTemplate(T) { ... }

"mixinTemplate" will be applied for each member of the sequence.

Some of the conditional templates only bind the underscore alias if the condition is met, otherwise is(_!()) will evaluate to false.

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