zeromq 6.1.0+zmq-4-3-0

Interface to the C ZeroMQ library

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Manual usage
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ZeroMQ bindings for the D programming language

This repository contains D bindings to the [ZeroMQ] C library (libzmq). It is part of [Deimos] and is maintained by the [Deimos team].

Like all Deimos bindings, these are just D prototypes for the C functions. For a higher-level D wrapper, see e.g. [zmqd]


To use these bindings, simply add

import deimos.zmq.zmq;

to your D program and link it with the zmq library.


Starting with v5.0.0, the version numbers of these bindings no longer correspond to upstream ZeroMQ versions. This allows us to follow the [Semantic Versioning] scheme and increment the version number when we make changes that do not correspond to upstream changes (e.g. to fix bugs in the bindings).

The corresponding ZeroMQ version is indicated after the bindings version, following a plus sign. For example, the tag v5.0.0+zmq-4-2-2 indicates bindings version 5.0.0, corresponding to ZeroMQ version 4.2.2.

Up to and including v4.2.2, the bindings versions corresponded exactly to upstream ZeroMQ versions.


These bindings were originally based on code by [itiu]. For the full list of contributors, see the [Contributors] page on GitHub.

  • itiu
  • Jude "1100110" Young
  • Lars T. Kyllingstad
6.1.2+zmq-4-3-2 2019-Nov-08
6.1.1+zmq-4-3-1 2019-Sep-15
6.1.0+zmq-4-3-0 2019-Sep-15
6.0.1+zmq-4-2-5 2019-Sep-15
6.0.0+zmq-4-2-4 2019-Sep-15
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