zua 0.1.0

A slow, not yet fully functioning implementation of Lua 5.1

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

Manual usage
Put the following dependency into your project's dependences section:

= Zua brianush1 brianush1@outlook.com :icons: font

WARNING: This project is very much in an alpha stage and should not yet be used in production code

A slow, not yet fully functioning implementation of Lua 5.1

== Usage

To build Zua, first cd to the cmdline directory under this folder. Then, run dub build -b release. This will build the Zua command-line utility in release mode. Run ./zua --help for usage.

== The path to full* Lua 5.1 support

  • [x] coroutine library
  • [x] math library
  • [x] table library
  • [ ] io library
  • [ ] debug library (maybe diverge from Lua 5.1)
  • [ ] Pattern-matching functions in string library
  • [ ] Module system (require, module, and package globals)
  • [ ] Add userdata type
  • [ ] newproxy function

=== *Deliberate inconsistencies Zua does make some decisions about where to deliberately diverge from Lua 5.1. Here is a comperehensive list of where this is done:

  • There is no such thing as the "main thread." All code, even toplevel code, runs in a coroutine.
  • There is no arbitrary compilation at runtime. This means the globals dofile, load, loadfile, and loadstring are not available.
  • The string.dump (and consequently ("").dump) methods are not available; what use were they, anyway?
  • Errors do not include line numbers (but the stack trace outputted in the event of an error still does)
  • The second argument to the error function is ignored.
  • Error messages may differ from Lua 5.1, particularly in parsing.

Any inconsistency between Lua 5.1 and Zua that is not listed above should be regarded as a bug and filed as an issue.

== Additions

  • Full error position is kept track of, with greater than line precision.
  • The parser includes error recovery.
  • Brian
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