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Name Last update Score Registered Description
doveralls 1.3.1, 2 years ago 1.42014-Aug-01Upload D code coverage results to coveralls.io.
binrange 1.0.3, 4 months ago 1.42014-Aug-07Utility functions to parse/emit ranges of bytes.
vibemail 2.0.1, 10 months ago 1.42015-Sep-29Extensions for vibe's Mail class to send multi-part emails with attachments.
logger 2.66.0, 3 years ago 1.42014-May-10Phobos logger proposal
xcb-d 2.1.0+1.11.1, 2 years ago 1.42015-Aug-16XCB D binding
heaploop ~master, 4 years ago 1.42014-Feb-24Platform for D
gperftools_d 0.1.0, a year ago 1.42017-Mar-29D bindings for gperftools
dmagick 0.2.2, 2 days ago 1.42017-May-25An ImageMagick binding for the D Programming Language.
sgio-d 0.0.5, 2 years ago 1.42015-Jul-29sgio library for Linux and Windows
libev 5.0.0+4.04, 3 years ago 1.42013-Apr-27Deimos bindings for libev, a cross-platform asynchronous I/O library
vibe-0 1.0.1, 2 years ago 1.42016-Jun-28Asynchronous I/O framework
es6-grammar 0.9.3, 2 years ago 1.42015-Nov-10ECMAScript 6 + JSX PEGGED Grammar
intel-intrinsics 1.0.3, a year ago 1.42016-Jul-05Reuse your C++ SIMD code using Intel intrinsics syntax. Works with LDC.
forever-d 0.1.1, a year ago 1.42013-Oct-27Ensures that a given program runs continuously
scrypt-d 0.1.1, 5 years ago 1.42013-Feb-28A D library for using the scrypt encryption function
lua_d_api 0.0.1, 3 years ago 1.42015-Jan-16Lua API for D language
vibeirc 2.2.1, 2 months ago 1.32014-Dec-18An IRC client for vibe.d
unencumbered 0.2.0, 4 years ago 1.32014-Apr-20Support for Cucumber to write step descriptions in D
lincount 0.1.0, a year ago 1.32016-Apr-09Linear Counting for Dlang
msgpack-ll 0.1.4, a year ago 1.32017-Apr-16A low level @nogc, nothrow, @safe, pure and betterC compatible MessagePack library

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