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networkd 0.1.0, an hour ago2017-Jul-14A simple networking library based.socket
dub 1.7.1, 15 hours ago2013-Jan-14Package manager for D packages
ponies 0.0.2, 16 hours ago2018-Jan-21Helps you to setup nice projects.
eventmanager 0.1.3, a day ago2017-Jun-18This library implements a variant of the publish / subcribe pattern, using events, event lists and…
asn1 2.0.1, a day ago2018-Jan-18ASN.1 encoding and decoding with support for BER, CER, and DER
deadbeef 1.9.0, a day ago2018-Jan-20Dlang bindings to DeaDBeeF plugin API
d2d 1.3.7, 2 days ago2017-Nov-21A cross-platform framework for 2D graphics. Built with Derelict SDL2.
binrange 1.0.3, 2 days ago2014-Aug-07Utility functions to parse/emit ranges of bytes.
struct2mongo 0.3.0, 2 days ago2018-Jan-18Mongo wrapper for plug and play usage of structs
idiot 0.9.2, 2 days ago2018-Jan-19Informative terminal output as you iterate over a callback
qui 0.1.3, 2 days ago2017-Apr-23A Text User Interface library.
utils 0.1.8, 2 days ago2017-Jun-01Some misc. functions and classes for D
qscript 0.6.1, 2 days ago2016-Nov-27a tiny, small, & fast scripting lang.
diskuto 1.6.1, 3 days ago2017-Mar-14Embedded comment engine
accessors 1.2.3, 3 days ago2016-Dec-09D getter/setter generator
wayland 0.1.0, 3 days ago2018-Jan-18Wayland bindings for D
userman 0.4.0-rc.1, 3 days ago2012-Dec-14Provides user and group storage, authentication and administration.
sel-net 0.2.1, 3 days ago2017-Dec-18Lightweight library for simple TCP, UDP and HTTP I/O
mir-random 0.3.2, 4 days ago2016-Nov-25Dlang Random Number Generators
ip2location-d 8.0.4, 4 days ago2016-Aug-19IP2Location D Library
dyaml 0.6.4, 4 days ago2013-Feb-25YAML parser and emitter
taggedalgebraic 0.10.9, 4 days ago2015-Aug-13A "tagged union" implementation with transparent operator forwarding.
htmld 0.3.1, 4 days ago2015-Mar-31Lightweight and forgiving HTML parser
scod 0.4.3, 5 days ago2015-Sep-29A nice documentation generator based on ddox.
kiss 0.1.1, 5 days ago2017-Apr-26A refined core library for D programming language. Include event / net / tcpstream serialize / rad…
dpq2 0.6.26, 5 days ago2013-Sep-14Medium-level binding to the PostgreSQL database
sel-server 0.3.0, 6 days ago2017-Dec-18Libraries for the creation of Minecraft (Bedrock Engine) and Minecraft: Java Edition servers
cerealed 0.6.9, 6 days ago2013-Nov-14Binary serialisation library for D
dplug 6.0.13, 6 days ago2013-Nov-15A library for crafting native audio plugins as simply as possible.
kameloso 1.0.0-beta.3, 6 days ago2018-Jan-02An IRC bot
prabhupada_calendar 1.0.9, 7 days ago2017-Nov-04Translates the text file is the result of the GCal (krishnadays.com) program on Russian language (…
androidlogger 0.0.3, 7 days ago2017-Jul-09An experimental logger outputting android style logs.
colored 0.0.8, 7 days ago2017-Jul-03A minimalistic console coloring library.
dackson 0.1.2, 7 days ago2017-Dec-27A library for marshalling/unmarshalling JSON into idiomatic D data structures.
tsv-utils-dlang 1.1.16, 7 days ago2016-Apr-19eBay's TSV utilities. Command line tools for large, tabular data files.
plain 0.1.7, 8 days ago2015-Aug-13Convert HTML to plain text
mysql-native 1.2.1, 8 days ago2012-May-19A native MySQL driver implementation based on Steve Teale's original
dpeq 0.2.0, 8 days ago2017-Sep-04PostgreSQL extended query API wrapper
trial 0.6.1, 8 days ago2017-Jun-11The extensible test runner for DLang
tanya 0.7.7, 9 days ago2016-Aug-24General purpose, @nogc library. Containers, networking, metaprogramming, memory management, utilit…
derelict-cudnn 2.0.3, 9 days ago2017-Aug-09Dynamic bindings to cuDNN for the D programming language.
dlang-tour 1.0.8, 9 days ago2016-Jun-13The Dlang Tour
sel-hncom 7.0.0, 9 days ago2017-Jul-17The hub-node communication protocol for Minecraft servers
fluent-asserts 0.9.0, 10 days ago2017-Apr-03Fluent assertions done right
fswatch 0.3.0, 10 days ago2016-Jul-18a cross-platform folder & file watching library using win32, inotify or std.file
pterm 0.0.1, 10 days ago2018-Jan-11A terminal display server
raft 0.0.1, 11 days ago2018-Jan-11Raft distributed consensus protocol in D programming language.
dpq 0.9.3, 11 days ago2016-Jan-20A postgresql (libpq, pq) library aiming to be simple to use
emsi_containers 0.6.0, 11 days ago2016-Jan-14Containers that use Phobos' experimental allocators
supervised 0.0.3, 11 days ago2018-Jan-01A process control system.
sel-nbt 2.1.0, 12 days ago2017-Jun-01NBT library for Minecraft (Bedrock Engine) and Minecraft: Java Edition
erupted 1.6.12, 12 days ago2016-May-13Auto-generated D bindings for Vulkan
reggae 0.5.19, 12 days ago2015-Mar-18A build system in D
excel-d 0.2.17, 12 days ago2017-Mar-20Excel bindings for D
collections 0.0.0, 12 days ago2018-Jan-09A new collections framework for the D Standard Library
decimal 0.9.0, 13 days ago2018-Jan-09IEEE-754-2008 decimal floating point implementation
quantities 0.9.0, 13 days ago2014-Jan-02A library to work with quantities and units
dopt 0.3.6, 13 days ago2017-Jul-20A numerical optimisation and deep learning framework
pfft 1.0.4, 14 days ago2017-Jun-23Fast, in place power of two split format FFT library.
vibe-d-postgresql 0.3.0-beta.4, 14 days ago2016-Feb-15PostgreSQL support for Vibe.d
arith-eval 0.5.1, 14 days ago2016-Jun-24A minimal math expression evaluation library.
unit-threaded 0.7.36, 14 days ago2013-Nov-13Advanced multi-threaded unit testing framework with minimal to no boilerplate using built-in unitt…
pixelperfectengine 0.9.4-alpha, 14 days ago2017-Jan-20A 2D game engine for retro styled games
database 0.0.20, 15 days ago2016-May-25Database abstraction layer for D programing language, support PostgreSQL / MySQL / SQLite.
vibe-aws 0.1.4, 15 days ago2018-Jan-05AWS client library for D
nanomsg-wrapper 0.4.10, 16 days ago2017-Feb-06Nanomsg wrappers for the D Programming Language.
stdxdecimal 0.5.0, 16 days ago2017-Dec-02Proposal for a General Decimal Arithmetic type to Phobos
ddbus 2.3.0, 17 days ago2015-May-09A DBus library for D
dbc 1.0.10, 17 days ago2017-Jul-15Lightweight native MySQL/MariaDB driver
midi-gamepad 0.1.1-alpha, 17 days ago2018-Jan-05MIDI GamePad
mir-algorithm 0.8.0-alpha3, 17 days ago2017-Jan-05Multidimensional arrays (ndslice), ranges, iterators, and algorithms for Dlang
iopipe 0.0.3, 17 days ago2017-Oct-12A modular io library in D.
iz 0.6.4, 18 days ago2015-Dec-09streams, property descriptor, serializer, binder, etc.
protobuf 0.1.0, 18 days ago2018-Jan-04D runtime library for Google Protocol Buffers
buffer 0.1.20, 20 days ago2017-Oct-17A protocol buffer & RPC library
cryption 0.1.2, 20 days ago2017-Aug-17A D Library of encryption, decryption(3DES, AES, TEA, RSA...), encode, hash, and message digital s…
tt-utils 1.3.6, 21 days ago2016-Sep-20Misc utils extending phobos.
semver 0.3.2, 21 days ago2014-Jun-17Semantic Versioning Library
pgator 0.3.12, 22 days ago2016-Jan-04Application server that transforms JSON-RPC calls into SQL queries for PostgreSQL
kisaragi 0.2.0, 23 days ago2017-Dec-28Realtime Web service framework きさらぎ(kisaragi)
de_util 0.1.4, 23 days ago2014-Dec-16Utility code for the Devisualization projects.
derelict-cuda 3.1.1, 24 days ago2014-Oct-16A dynamic binding to the CUDA API.
lru_eviction_queue 1.7.0, 25 days ago2017-Aug-30A LRU Eviction Queue for the D programming language
d-weather-forecast 1.3.0, 25 days ago2017-Sep-08Get weather forecast with the D programming language
mysqld 1.0.12, 25 days ago2017-Jun-08A native MySQL driver implementation based on Steve Teale's original
argsd 0.4.1, 25 days ago2017-May-16A command line argument and config file parser
ice 0.2.13, 27 days ago2017-Aug-19NAT, stun, turn and ice.
drawofpages 0.1.1, 27 days ago2017-Dec-25Take notes with touchscreen input.
structuresd 1.0.0-beta3, 27 days ago2017-Dec-25Supporting different types and containers.
gfm 7.0.0, 27 days ago2013-Nov-03D gamedev toolkit. 3D maths, 128-bit integers, OpenGL/SDL/FreeImage/Assimp wrapper, coloured logger
iyzipay-d 0.6.1, 28 days ago2017-Dec-14Unofficial iyzipay API d client
ddox 0.16.7, 28 days ago2012-Oct-06Powerful alternative to DMD's DDOC engine.
dubimport 1.1.3, 28 days ago2017-Oct-09A command line tool to extract import paths on dub project.
dbeaengine 0.7.8, 29 days ago2016-Feb-15A library to disassemble x86(64) byte code, based on beaengine and allowing self-disassembly
derelict-ft 2.0.0-beta.4, 30 days ago2013-Aug-26A dynamic binding to the FreeType library.
entity 1.0.20, 30 days ago2016-Jul-12An object-relational mapping (ORM) framework for dlang's database, support PostgreSQL / MySQL / S…
libdtasks 0.0.3, 30 days ago2017-Dec-12A minimal tasking D library
ddsp 1.3.0, 30 days ago2017-Aug-26A small library for digital signal processing in D
vibe-d 0.8.3-alpha.2, 30 days ago2013-Jan-17Event driven web and concurrency framework
box 0.0.1, 31 days ago2017-Dec-22Event driven network concurrency framework based on manual memory management and betterC for D Pro…

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