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Name Last update Score Registered Description
mir-pybuffer 0.2.0, 2 years ago 0.72018-Apr-02mir-numpy connection example
jcli 0.9.0, 3 days ago 0.72019-Mar-31A CLI framework library.
lu 0.4.1, 2 months ago 0.72019-Sep-06Library of reusable miscellanea
bin2d 0.2.1, 4 years ago 0.72016-Dec-15A tool that enables files to be compiled into an executable and extracted at startup.
nanovg-d 1.0.0, 5 years ago 0.72015-Dec-17NanoVG porting for D
metacall 0.0.3, 9 days ago 0.72020-Aug-04A library for providing inter-language foreign function interface calls
yamlserialized 0.5.0, 8 months ago 0.72016-Dec-10YAML serialization library for dyaml. Easily serialize/deserialize structs to/from YAML.
detached 0.1.7, 3 years ago 0.72016-Sep-14Spawn detached processes with no need to wait on them
libnlopt 0.2.0, 4 years ago 0.72016-Feb-22Bindings to nlopt for the D programming language
hidapi-d 1.0.3, 2 years ago 0.62018-Jun-15D bindings for HIDAPI

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