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Name Last update Score Registered Description
bitcoin 0.0.1, 9 months ago 0.42018-Sep-07Bitcoin library
mrss 0.2.0, 32 days ago 0.42016-Mar-04Deimos bindings for the mrss library
ws 19.1.0, 11 days ago 0.42015-Jul-20weltensturm-library
dsfmlc-win-x64 2.4.0-alpha.2, 2 years ago 0.42017-Jul-10The Win64 version of the dsfmlc libraries.
jaypha-base 1.0.5, 3 years ago 0.42015-Apr-16Generic code and definitions used in many Jaypha projects.
razer-d 0.2.0, a year ago 0.42018-Mar-02A library that provides direct access to Razer devices.
wavefront-obj 0.0.2, 4 years ago 0.42015-Aug-01A very small Wavefront .obj file format library.
vutil 0.0.2, 4 years ago 0.42015-Mar-22vibe.util extraction
djtext 0.2.2, 30 days ago 0.42019-May-06Library for text internationalization inspired by gettext.
asciitable 0.0.9, 4 months ago 0.42018-Jan-28A simple asciitable.

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