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Name Last update Score Registered Description
lu 1.2.0, a month ago 3.22019-Sep-06Library of reusable miscellanea
mir-ion 1.1.0-rc3, 6 days ago 3.22020-Oct-04Fast, Expressive, and Easy to use Ion, JSON, Msgpack Serialization Library with SIMD optimization.
mir-optim 2.0.1, a year ago 3.22018-Jul-08Optimisation Framework
sspi-d 0.2.8, 2 years ago 3.12019-May-04SSPI WIndows Authentication Library
mongo-standalone 0.0.12, 10 months ago 3.12020-May-28A standalone (no dependencies outside the stdlib) Mongo database driver for D.
protobuf 0.6.2, 2 years ago 3.12018-Jan-04D runtime library for Google Protocol Buffers
dud 1.1.1, 8 months ago 3.12021-Aug-18Experimental tool for manipulating dub packages
archive 0.7.0, 2 years ago 3.12014-Jul-29An archive library that supports zip, tar, and targz written entirely in D (with underlying gz imp…
during 0.3.0, 7 months ago 3.12019-Dec-05dlang wrapper around linux io_uring API
serve-d 0.7.4, 5 months ago 3.12018-Mar-24Microsoft Language Server Protocol implementation using workspace-d

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